“I Hate Myselfie” Short Film #2 Review

The famous YouTuber Shane Dawson recently uploaded a short film not too long ago which acts out one of the chapters from his published auto-biography “I Hate Myselfie”. The book was published on March 10, 2015 and has ratings of over four stars from the biggest app stores and websites such as Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Goodreads. This auto-biography contains 18 memories/essays from Shane’s past that he thinks are the most “embarrassing and inspiring stories” in his life.

This chapter/short film is set in Shane’s high school and he signs up for a high school musical along with his popular friend Amber who is played by the famous YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous.

The short film starts out with Shane on screen and saying quote from his book. Just like the previous short film he had done, this one came along with a lesson and/or message. Through out the whole video, you will have laughs, epic laughs. It is absolutely genius how Shane can tie up comedy with real life and touch your heart in a specific way once you finish watching it.

At the end, Shane helps one of the characters, who happened to be his high school crush, Patty through an emotional situation where she is too nervous to go out on stage and perform because of her physical image although she is extremely talented. To sum it up, he tells her that she’s got nothing to be afraid of because she was perfect inside and out. It did have some comedy through out the serious and emotional part and that’s what makes Shane Dawson and this short film absolutely awesome.

So go to YouTube and show Shane Dawson your love and support whether it be just watching the short films, liking it, subscribing, or even buying his auto-biography. Either or, you’ll be happy you did it.

Written by CelebMix