Photo taken by author at concert number 10.

Ideas For 5SOS’ New Tour

We here at CelebMix are dreamers. When 5 Seconds of Summer announced TODAY a UK tour, our minds were buzzing. The lads already sorta, kinda not really, announced a USA tour…without actually announcing it, stating those who pre-order their new album will get pre-sale to their yet to be announced tour. We loves tours. We love 5 Seconds of Summer. Here is one of our writers ideas for Sounds Good Feels Good Live!

I’ve seen 5 Seconds of Summer eleven times. Yes, 11. They always play well and I may or may not have a massive crush on Ashton Irwin. When this tour was announced, I got to thinking. What do I want to see and do with this new tour.

First off, offer $15/$20 seats again. Concerts are sooooo expensive and this way everyone can attend.

An offical tour app: states average set times/setlists, shows merch for purchase and a light feature to use during “Amnesia” (That is if you are emotionally stable at that point. None of the girls around me usually are.).


*Offer not only a regular merch booth, but a booth where you can buy all online 5SOS merch off of an iPad, without shipping costs.

*Glow wolf ears like the character for “She’s Kinda Hot”. Think those awesome Mickey Mouse ears you get in Disney World and that light up 1D bow headband, combined. (Bonus points if there is some way you can get them synchronized to the concert like you can in Disney World/ Disneyland.)

VIP Upgrade Packages (meaning no ticket is sold in the bundle):
(Disclaimer: Prices are average for VIP packages in American dollars. Just dreaming here, nothing is official.)

-Soundcheck -$90 (includes lanyard)
Just like they had last year.

-Meet and Greet- $350 (includes lanyard, and specially designed t-shirt)
Meeting and greeting and hugging.

A pre-show party for fans!
*sponsored by pizza chain (ie Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa John’s, etc)
*plain pizza and speciality 5SOS pizza served (whatever the heck those four choose to put as toppings)
*water bottles
*soundcheck pass
*VIP lanyard
*glow wolf ears
*DJ playing all 5SOS songs

PS: 5 Seconds of Summer, I am available for hire or available to date you. Either works.

Like our ideas? Like 5SOS?? Let us know!

Written by CelebMix