Idris Elba Sizzles in New Photoshoot with Interview Magazine

Idris Elba is one of the hardest working actors out there with many films and programmes under his belt, and a few more in the pipeline.

Most will known him as Luther which had viewers gasping and engrossed with each episode.

But he also has been starring in Marvel’s Thor films as Heimdall who helps Thor and defends Asgard with all of his power. He is set to return amongst Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

As if that isn’t keeping him busy enough, he is currently playing the antagonist in Star Trek Beyond, alongside fan favourites such as Chris Pine and Simon Pegg, which is out now.

He is also going to be starring in Dark Tower, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s hit book series which also includes Matthew McConaughey.

Elba has also been very busy behind the camera, doing a lot of voice over work for some of this year’s hit movies such as; Zootopia, Finding Dory and of course, the live-action remake – The Jungle Book which he played the intimidating tiger, Shere Khan.

Phew! We are exhausted just reading what he is up to!

Jon Favreau set to return to Marvel Cinematic Universe 1

But Jon Favreau, who was in the director’s chair for The Jungle Book, managed to sit down with the busy actor and took some time to interview him about his acting career, his DJing and his future plans in Interview Magazine.

The photoshoot is so hot, we just don’t know what to do with ourselves!

Check out the photos:

Idris Elba Sizzles in New Photoshoot with Interview Magazine 2

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Idris Elba Sizzles in New Photoshoot with Interview Magazine 5

In regards to his acting career, he is willing to go the distance and create more which will delight his fans as it shows the 43 year old is showing no signs of slowing down.

“I don’t ever stop. Not because I’m greedy or anything, but I’m always creating, debating with the part of my brain that is dormant.” he spoke earnestly to Favreau.

Not only that, he doesn’t seem to be getting tired of working long hours or being as busy as he is!

“We’re making a very big movie, and I’m doing long hours, shooting guns and whatnot. I’m enjoying it.” 

Favreau also noted how many influential directors Elba has worked with, some notable names such as: Ridley Scott, Guy Ritchie, Guillermo del Toro, Ken Branagh etc. Pretty impressive!

But Elba also spoke about how these directors work and what makes a strong director to him in particular:

“The most important thing, which I always look for, is their 360 vision of their film. By 360, I mean every moment has been imagined once or twice, if not 50,000 times, within their heads, from performance to art direction and whatnot.”

“…I think the common denominator is that everyone really understands you. …The directors [who know every detail] make films that are complete, basically.”

“You’re directing a movie, but you are at the head of a ship of people, a whole fleet of people. And being able to manage that—being able to handle yourself as a director being a leader—that’s massively important.”

Idris Elba Sizzles in New Photoshoot with Interview Magazine 6

Idris Elba Sizzles in New Photoshoot with Interview Magazine 3
All Photos Taken By Craig McDean/Interview Mag

Looking very dapper!

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Elba is also a big fan of DJing and has been spotted in many nightclubs and parties, mixing it up on the decks and partying all night long.

He also did some remixes for Favreau’s The Jungle Book and he states how DJing is a big passion for him and it is essential to his life as much as his career is.

“…about five years ago, my career blossomed, but I really missed being out on the road, DJ’ing. So I started picking up gigs here and there, and what occurred to me really quickly was that I was going to water down my passion for DJ’ing, because the type of gigs I was getting were celebrity DJ work, and that just didn’t sit right.”

“So I made a decision about five years ago to really do it properly, to do it at that level I had never done it, but take it seriously and not ride the coattails of being an actor.”

“It took a while because I had to take my time to introduce myself into that world: doing remixes, being taken seriously…”

Wow, we wonder how he isn’t just completely exhausted by how busy he is!

This is something the actor is worried about, especially about his busy streak ending sometime soon despite the fact he plans to keep on creating and getting involved in various projects.

“I do worry sometimes about whether I’m going to burn out. Not burn myself out, but burn my art out.” he said, very honestly

Don’t worry, Idris! You won’t burn out anytime soon and we will support you in everything you do.

The full interview can be viewed here.

The magazine should currently be on newsstands right now.

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