ilikeweylie’s top 10 videos of 2015

2015 has certainly been a wild year for beauty guru, Weylie, or more commonly known as ilikeweylie. Throughout the year, she certainly had many ups and downs (like the rest of us), varying from the death of a pet to traveling to Asia to meet fans. Standing at more than 1.4 million subscribers or what she calls her “sistahs”, without further ado… here are her top ten videos of 2015.


Views: 250,830

Likes: 6,461 Dislikes: 153

Here Weylie talks about her thoughts on eyelash extensions and briefly talks about how to care for them, where she got them done, and what to expect.

9.My Depression Story | Overcoming Depression/Suicide |

Views: 266, 348

Likes: 18,436 Dislikes: 150

One time or another, we have all felt or gone through depression, anxiety, and thoughts on suicide. Here, Weylie decided to give us her story on how she overcomes her depression.

8. What’s in My Suitcase + Packing Tips

Views: 274,049

Likes: 8,672 Dislikes: 158

In March of 2015, Weylie went to the BeautyCon in Texas. Not only does Weylie tell us what she brought along with her, she also gives us helpful packing tips in order to be efficient.

7. My Morning Routine

Views: 290,108

Likes: 16,293 Dislikes: 238

Weylie does her morning routine which consists of her lazy day of lounging around watching Family Guy and what products she uses when she has down time to exfoliate and moisturize her face.

6. Sultry Drugstore Makeup Look | Talk Thru Tutorial |

Views: 299,162

Likes: 8,803 Dislikes: 116

Everyone’s (and I mean EVERYONE’S) favorite makeup look. Not everyone can afford high end makeup products, so we definitely need makeup tutorials on what to use when shopping for drugstore products.

5. My New San Francisco Apartment Tour

Views: 302,674

Likes: 12,944 Dislikes: 318

Who doesn’t like apartment tours? We get to see almost everything they see on a daily basis! Here, Weylie gives us an apartment tour (pretty self explanatory as said in the title) since she recently moved into a new place with her boyfriend Wah (P.S they’re relationship goals).


Views: 321,529

Likes: 11,262 Dislikes: 131

As stated previously, this video is why Weylie and Wah are relationship goals. They talk about how to deal with jealousy and ways to handle jealousy in relationships.

3. Get Ready w/ Me: Morning Routine

Views: 447,273

Likes: 15,338 Dislikes: 152

As predicted, another morning routine video. Who doesn’t like them? In this video, Weylie walks us through how she gets ready in the winter.

2. Let’s Talk About Sex

Views: 503,134

Likes: 11,665 Dislikes: 211

Who doesn’t like talking about sex? Here Weylie asked her viewers to send in questions about sex via email and this is her opinion on the questions/comments sent to her.

Last but not least with over one million views…

1. PERIOD LIFE HACKS | Tips to Make Your Period Easier

Views: 1,047,383

Likes: 23,863 Dislikes: 545

Periods? Nahh. Why suffer when mother nature decides to show up? Weylie talks about tampons, necessities, and much more on how to cope when mother nature decides to give us an unexpected visit.

And thats a wrap on ilikeweylie’s top ten videos of 2015. Not only is Weylie known for being a beauty guru, as seen above, she also goes through problems we have on a daily basis. She’s just relatable.

Written by CelebMix