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“EXTRA FR!ES” Before Guys: ILIRA Delivers Pop-Perfection With New Release

The biggest mystery of 2019? The fact that Kosovo-Albanian singer-songwriter ILIRA is not yet a huge global pop star.

She has everything you would want of one: the voice (she has a range of four octaves), the look (cotton-candy-sweet aesthetics meet eccentric outfits and her two signature pigtails), the talent (singer-songwriter, master of the octaves and clear connoisseur of the genre), the great pop songs filled with insanely catchy hooks (6 songs have already seen the light of day since last year and they are all 10/10), and the peer support (she has collaborated with the likes of Alle Farben, Juan Magan and Jumpa).

So, what is missing?

The answer to this complex question could be simple: Extra Fries.

With her latest release, the singer returns with a bang(er). “EXTRA FR!ES”, yes that is the title of the track, is probably one of her biggest pop tracks to date (maybe coming in as a close runner-up to her second single “GET OFF MY D!CK”).  The track is bright, bubbly, loud and confident. It deals with being an independent woman that enjoys her life, eats her extra fries and does not care if someone is judging that.

“It’s alright, live your life, go and get those extra fries”, the singer sings over a happy-go-lucky production. Be yourself, be confident in your body, ILIRA wants us to know while dotting the track with even more uplifting advice a la: “Big butt and you gotta show it” or “Steal his fries and then get him out of your head”.

Cheers to that.

Listen to the track right here and feel your mood being boosted in just under 2 minutes and 51 seconds:

Also be sure to watch the music video right here:

“EXTRA FRI!ES” was written by Ilira, Miksu, Jaro Omar and Ferras Alqaisi. Production was handled by Pascal Reinhardt.  The track was released by Four Music.

It is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer / platform of your choice.

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