Indie Rockers, Coopertheband, Releases Music Video for "Rebels"

Indie Rockers, Coopertheband, Release Music Video for “Rebels”

Coopertheband is a band from Nashville, Tennessee consisting of what they call “six massive music nerds with minds to rhyme and twelve hot feet.” Those six members are Cooper Brown, Phoebe Scott, Will Kwasigroh, Matt Hammonds, Joseph Kyle, and Patricia Taylor.

Coopertheband’s new song “Rebels”, off of their new album Kingdoms, is an uplifting anthem with lyrics like “Drive, feet on the dashboard / I can’t take it anymore / Dive, try to feel something” and “Half way there / We’re not scared.”

The music video features the group’s intense gaming session playing Risk which then turns into a live-action paint battle in an open field to a neon rock performance under the blacklight. Although the music video doesn’t have much to do with the lyrics, it still shows how silly and rebellious these six individuals truly are.

The track reminded us of Imagine Dragons sound, so if you like them, you’ll probably like Coopertheband!

You can purchase their latest album Kingdoms on iTunes HERE.

Check out their music video for “Rebels” below:

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