INNA Drops “Lights” The Last Unheard Track From New Album “Nirvana”

That’s it, all the songs from INNA’s upcoming fifth studio album, “Nirvana”, can be heard. “Lights” was the final track we had been waiting for, and although it hasn’t been released as an official promotional single, just yet; it can be heard on her official YouTube Channel. The album will be released on 11 December 2017.

The release of this song follows previous promotional singles “Don’t Mind“, “Tropical“, “Hands Up“, “My Dreams“, and “Dream About The Ocean“; all of which have been released in the last five days. This one is the first not to make it on to iTunes or Spotify, just yet; although, we presume it will appear in the next day or so, just before the album drops.

Released through Global Records, the track will certainly stand out on the album. It’s not your typical INNA track; in fact, it is totally different to the other songs on the LP. It has drawn similarities to Alexandra Stan’s song “La Feuga”.

Listen To INNA’s Track “Lights” Here:

It’s certainly different to anything that INNA has released in the past. It has an African sound to it, continuing to show her versatility as an artist and her willingness to appeal to different countries, solidifying herself as a world artist. The backing track is musically incredible whilst being deep and low, whereas INNA’s vocals are light and high creating a warped sensation like we found in the 2015 hit “Yalla”.

Groovy in more ways than one, “Lights” is going to be a Marmite track; some people will love it, some people are going to hate it. Whatever your reaction, we’re pretty sure the Club Rockers stand behind this song and all the others INNA has released.

We are surprised that “Me Gusta” and “Tu Vida” are nowhere to be seen on the soon-to-be-released “Nirvana” album, but we can always hope they’ll arrive eventually. Be ready for 11 December 2017, when INNA’s fifth studio album drops.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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