Innocent explores the contradictions of living in the modern world in his debut album

Innocent is an Australian-based, Congolese-born hip-hop artist and while relatively new to the music industry, Innocent has already solidified his namesake within the industry with his take on the aesthetics of modern day living.

Innocent has used his eight track debut album, “Anthems of Life“, as a platform to explore and bring to the forefront stories about being young, living the single life, chasing the highs and lows of sex & drugs; just a broadly scope of what Innocent’s debut album offers on the surface.

Each song on the album offers a different perspective on life, all from the observation of Innocent himself:

  • Club Trance: how the fear of vulnerability creates a cycle of temporary and ultimately meaningless hookups;
  • Sunshine: Explores the negative forces of betrayal, burnout and insomnia;
  • December 28th: Explores thoughts and insecurities

There are many other stories in the album worth keeping an ear out for – like “Legendary“:

Even if you’re not a fan of the hip-hop genre itself, listeners can truly appreciate what Innocent is doing with his music and what he is trying to say as an artist.

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