Innovative Approaches to Bilingualism: How Dalma Daniela’s Cultural Programs Made a Difference

In a world where more than half of the population speaks more than one language, it is becoming more common for multilingual musicians to sing not just in their native language but also in another language with which they have a good command. The increase of bilingualism in music can undeniably be ascribed to globalization. The process of contact between individuals, businesses, and governments globally is undoubtedly developing in the present day, and the music industry plays a role in this. Throughout the last several decades, there has been an increase in contacts across continents and their music genres. Bilingualism in music is not new, but it has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years because of open-minded musicians such as Dalma Daniela. 

Daniela embarked on her journey as a musician when she felt it had something to do with her purpose in life. Moved by what Elvis once said, “When things are too dangerous to say, sing,” Daniela developed this connection with art. Art has long been used to express and explore the deepest emotions, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Sometimes the emotions are expressed unexpectedly or naturally arise from a directive that is not directly linked to feelings. Daniela, too, took art as a way to express her deepest emotions without being judged. 

Dalma Daniela is a Colombian actress, rock singer, radio and TV presenter, and digital artist who was born on September 13, 1991, in the city known as Colombia’s Golden Gate, Barranquilla. Daniela attended Universidad Autónoma del but withdrew during the second semester after studying communication and media studies. In 2022, she got the educational equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Daniela focused on watching movies and listening to music to acquire English when she was just 12 years old. Her devotion and love for learning English led her to a profession as an English teacher three years later, at the age of 15.

Movies and music as a medium for learning English

While watching movies and listening to good music can be a hobby for many, some people use this hobby as a medium for learning. Everyone knows that many of the world’s most successful films are produced in the United States. Viewing movies and listening to music are excellent ways to hear how people communicate outside the classroom. At a very young age, Daniela, in this regard, started getting connected with American pop culture early, and movies and music helped her learn English and become bilingual all on her own. As a musician, Daniela has released several songs, the most prominent being Regalame un Like. Her contribution to promoting bilingual music earned her the honor at the TedX Barranquilla Invisible Human Events in late 2016 for her project “Acustico Barranquilla.” The project was a music event focused on sensitizing and promoting bilingualism through music genres, including acoustic rock, jazz, and reggae. 

The spark of interest in becoming an actress

Actors depict characters from the past who have impacted history, and they portray characters that are designed to impact pop culture. Some people are good at impersonating others and trying to understand the thought process of other people. The inspiration to pursue a career in acting comes from watching movies. For many artists, there is one exquisite moment when the spark of interest is ignited. From then on, the pursuit of that passion becomes their raison d’être. Dalma Daniela wanted to be an actress after watching movies, feeling their charm, and experiencing how they brought everyone silently together in one room by entirely grabbing their attention. As an actress, Daniela has made several appearances in Colombian TV shows and Telenovelas, including Love Motel and Contacto Online. She is also expected to appear in the upcoming 2023 independent films “The Sovereign” and “Lime & Vinegar.”

A global social media presence as an entrepreneur 

In 2022, she was named one of the “Top Female Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2022” by LA Weekly. The same year, Daniela was named one of the “Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow” by NY Weekly. Daniela has studied creative leadership, filmmaking, self-expression, and authenticity. Daniela is a social media strategist and YouTube host for iVisa as of 2023. She also has over 35,000 Instagram followers and operates a personal brand.

Written by Monella