Inside The Social Lemon – Dean Lemon from Room 94 interview.

Dean Lemon at the age of 26 has toured the world with his band Room 94 – opening for huge artists like Union J and Lawson as well as selling out many headline shows, had 3 UK top 40 albums, a successful clothing brand, ventured into a fun solo side project – After Boy all before this year even began. 2020 has seen the world slow down, but not for Dean. Marrying his soulmate Joey, expanding their furry family with a new puppy Coco, and most excitingly launching a new musical social agency – The Social Lemon.

The Social Lemon is a company that marries Dean’s expertise as a musician, Joey’s expertise as former a Tik Tok UK community manager and provides artists both with global superstardom and up and coming artists with social media campaigns. We had a long overdue catch up with Dean to get the low down on The Social Lemon and found lit what else is to come on the music front!

Hey Dean Lemon! Congratulations on the successful launch of The Social Lemon can you tell us all about ‘The Social Lemon’  and the work you do?

The Social Lemon is essentially a social media marketing agency that helps brands/businesses build their online presence. We have years of experience in creating & managing some of the worlds largest social media brands/projects. Our services include community management, video production, content distribution & influencer marketing. We help brands/artists reach tens of millions (or in some cases, hundreds of millions) of people per week. We are experts in social media & know exactly what it takes to achieve truly “viral” posts.

How has it been working with Joey?

Amazing. It’s a no brainer working with your wife. She is my best friend and she is exactly the same as me, just a slightly better version… I could talk about her all day & how great she is.

You’ve obviously had alot of experience in the music field, you’ve toured with some of our favourite bands (Lawson, Union J), has your experiences helped you know what a band need to help their social media presence?

Being in a band and having the success we had definitely taught me a lot, about both life & the music industry, but I think the most important lesson I learned, is to only work with people who respect you and what you do. For me, I was lucky as I had a small circle around me, which just so happened to be my family. So we went through a lot together & learned a lot together. I think for bands & musicians, you always just have to think outside the box and do things differently. That’s what we did with ROOM 94, we used social media as it was all fairly new to build and communicate with our audience and it was huge for us. Not only did it help us tour for 10 years & record and chart 3 albums, it also helped all of us now go on to do our own businesses and projects.

Your client list is already bursting with some of the greatest artists around – Good Charlotte, but your also passionate about working with up and coming artists. Why’s that?

 I know what it’s like to be a musician, it’s hard. The music industry is arguably the best & worst industry to be in. I didn’t have anyone helping me when I was younger, so I know exactly what it’s like and how hard it is, so if I can now give value to any up and coming musicians in any way, then I will do my best to help them.

This year has been tough for so many artists, what advice would you have to any who feel they can’t carry on growing right now?

Don’t give up! Keep writing, keep recording and keep finding new ways to interact with your audience. If it’s creating a weekly content series that fans can watch and engage with every week, do it. If it’s creating a weekly cover series, do it. Just don’t give up. Find new ways to do what you would normally do, then when things are back to normal – keep doing it. Engaging with your audience should always be number 1.

2021 is looking to be a much brighter year, what are Social Lemons plans looking like for the next year? 

2021 is already looking incredible for us, but the most important thing for me is that The Social Lemon can continue to be a sustainable business that can continue to grow and make a huge impact in the social/music world. I love this company & I love social media & music. If I can keep doing this for years, then I’ll be happy.

And, finally – we couldn’t have a chat with you without asking about your musical plans! Are we getting any new After Boy or Room 94 music in 2021?

There are currently no plans for a ROOM 94 release, but there is a new afterboy song called “You Saved Me” coming out in December, then my second ep “bad dreams” coming out in Jan. I’m super excited about the afterboy stuff, so I’m sure we’ll catch up on that very soon!!

We really can’t wait to see where 2021 takes Dean and The Social Lemon!

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