The inside track on Matthew Koma the man behind Shania Twain’s next album

As we all know, country crossover queen Shania Twain will be back with a new studio album later this year, her first in over ten years.

Her previous LP’s were all produced and co-written by the genius producer and her, then husband Mutt Lange, but since their marriage broke down, their working relationship is also over. And now Shania is  happily married to her second husband, Fred Thiebaud.

Despite the massive success of Lange and Twain’s wonderful music, the pair will not be working together on any new projects.

So Shania Twain has lined up a whole new producer for her latest release, of which she will once again write all the songs for.

The man behind her new album will be, Matthew Koma, who is a young American music producer, DJ and songwriter and at the age of just 28, he has already worked with some of the worlds biggest stars.

Koma has produced and written for massive names including, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepsen and Bruce Springsteen.

Matthew has also released his own music and is currently signed to RCA, his latest single is the song ‘So F**kin’ Romantic’.

Despite usually producing huge summer anthems the young star was elated to be asked by Shania to produce her next record, speaking to PopCrush as to how the unlikely collaboration came about,Koma said:  “I randomly saw a tweet one day, and it was a photo of her in her car saying she was singing along to “Suitcase,” one of my songs. She had heard my music through her son. I went to go see her show in Vegas. We wound up hanging out for a bit, connected and starting working on music together. It just clicked. Before I knew it, we were in the Bahamas starting pre-production and listening to a bunch of her songs. It’s just been a great relationship. It’s been really fun. She’s been touring a ton and I’ve been touring a ton, so we’ve had to do a lot of it remotely. So we just talk a lot and keep sending ideas back and forth and we’ll block out chunks of time to connect in person. You don’t find a sweeter person. You can just sit there and talk to her for days — about her experience, about that table — she’s just such a well-rounded, great person. It’s been such a pleasure to work with her.” 

Matthew also spoke about how down to earth, Twain is despite her holding the record for the best selling album, saying:  “You would never, in a thousand years, think that she was anybody different than someone who went to college and got a degree and pursued whatever it is they’re passionate about. She just looks at it as a gift and loves what she does, and loves the craft, and is married to the craft. Truly. Maybe more than anybody I’ve ever met. Just married to the craft and the art of songwriting and creating. It’s all about that for her…it’s truly sincere.” 

While Koma usually produces Electro-pop bangers, fans of the country singer needn’t worry about her changing her style and going all Electronic on us, Koma added about the style of the new LP saying:  “It’s definitely a departure in some ways from some things she’s been a part of previously, but in no way is it an insincere stretch. It’s her vision that I’m hoping to execute.” 

Shania Twain is due to release new music before August of this year and we here at CelebMix can’t wait for the new album to drop.

You can download ‘So F**kin’ Romantic’ from I-Tunes now you can also follow Matthew on Twitter @MatthewKoma.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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