Insiders View: Belfast’s cancelled 1D concert

The excitement for the 1D concert in Belfast was quickly done away with last night – it got cancelled as you probably have heard.

I was there and the way it was organised was a shambles. With rumours that tonight the show is cancelled too, fans have hit anger mode.

It was fine when I arrived and you could feel the buzz in the arena – everyone was genuinely so excited about seeing the boys. It’s the first time they have been back in Belfast since 2013 and as a four piece and there was going to be some excitement!

Jamie Lawson performed and he was really good – I would recommend him to anyone who is going to a 1D concert. He did a meet and greet after, he is so lovely so make sure you buy his debut single ‘Wasn’t Expecting That.’

There was a buzz in the air even when he was on – and even after he performed, there was safety announcements which made it evident that the boys were coming on (supposedly).

Staff had been setting up the stage and put a few speakers out but there wasn’t that normal buzz of ‘THEY ARE COMING ON IN TEN MINUTES.’ Something didn’t feel right but nobody knew what it was.

They were due on stage at 8.45 but at 8.55, it was weird. Obviously, sometimes concerts run late so I didn’t think much of it. Nothing had been posted on their Twitter aside from the fact that at 5 o’clock, they tweeted asking if Belfast was ready.

Then at 9.00, this man wearing a suit walked onto the stage.  He said that he had 3 important announcements to make. Personally, as the arena had just got renamed, I thought that he would welcome everyone.

He said that because Liam was sick but it was nothing serious, the show wouldn’t be going ahead. When he said the word ‘unfortunately’ everyone started shouting. If you have seen videos of everyone shouting, it was even rowdier in there.

Even if one of the boys came out and apologised that would have been worth it – but no, paying £70 for a ticket for it to be cancelled is a joke.

Everyone was told to go home and remain in the arena if you needed transport arrangements or anything. Anyone stood on the ground was asked to move away slowly. He kept saying that the boys apologised and a further statement would be issued in the morning – yeah, still waiting for that.

Walking out, I have never ever ever seen anything like it. Girls were crying all around you and even if you didn’t know the person, they still hugged you. It wasn’t an easy thing to take but the atmosphere was a mixture of shock and everyone was trying to be there for each other.

There were little girls all around me whose mums were saying that this was their first concert and they were sitting in pieces. That wasn’t an easy thing to look at – everyone was genuinely devastated.

Louis and Niall were meant to do interviews but apparently Niall was sick so couldn’t do it – no mention of Liam being sick! And Harry and Niall have both broke their foot, Liam’s sick….what’s Louis going to do?

The guy who made the announcement was so brave – it wouldn’t have been an easy thing to do to stand up there and announce to an arena packed full of teenage girls that their favourite band wouldn’t come on. Everyone was booing and shouting abuse at the man – saying that, it wasn’t his fault at all.

Everyone refused to move so police were brought in. People had been camping from early that morning so you can understand the anger. People took time off work, got all dressed up, paid for transport – to be told that the show wasn’t going ahead.

There are 2 more nights set for Belfast – with the latest rumour being that the show tonight is cancelled.

Walking out, they were giving refunds on merchandise – it did seem like a bit of a waste of money.

So the rumours at the minute are that Liam has left, they have split up and are not finishing the tour and that the Belfast gig from last night is set to be rescheduled to December? Us fans need to find out what is happening as soon as possible. Well…the statement that was meant to be released at 10 this morning hasn’t so everyone is left in a state of confusion as to what is happening tonight.

Here’s hoping this gets rescheduled because for Belfast to be the first time ever in the band’s history that they have had to cancel a show, that’s slightly strange….


Written by Rachel Dempster