An inspiration to the youth : Lilly Singh

On the day of 26th September, 1988, Malwinder and Sukhwinder Singh residing in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, were gifted with a wondrous baby, they named her Lilly Singh who is now mostly known for her funny & relatable YouTube videos.

Standing at 5’5, the Indo-Canadian Youtuber, Singer, Vlogger, Rapper, Actress, Motivational Speaker has an incredible amount of 6,683,798 subscribers on her YouTube channel, ‘IISuperwomanII’.

Lilly was two when the Punjabi family moved to Toronto. As a child she was a valedictorian and was obsessed with The Rock, The Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. She was extremely delighted when she received a ring with a ‘S’ as a gift to her which she still rocks on her left hand. She grew fondness for the concept of being ‘Superwoman’. In her elementary school days spent in Mary Shadd Public School and high school days, spent in Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute she would daydream about becoming a superstar rapper or an actress. She like all of us had ‘big dreams’.

Eventually changes took place as she graduated in the year of 2006 and entered university, York University. She began to run into issues with her friends and began developing personal issues, which became a baggage on her. This baggage became heavier as the months passed and she developed severe depression. Her cheery attitude and laughter vanished and she went off the right track. This eventually resulted in losing of friends. Her wishes of becoming a superstar rapper or actress were lost too, in fact she had no aspirations or goals.

This period of unhappiness ended after a whole year. She had  determination in her heart and the voice in her head was telling her to change. She began to try and get her life together, often relapsing. She had finally began to speak what she thought and felt, and create healthy relationships, but the most important of all, love herself. One specific night Singh had a major relapse which bought back major negative memories and depressing thoughts. She had full intentions to get up and tell what she feels to a close friend but her attempts were failing as her body wasn’t responding, her mind had been presiding over her body. Singh says she can never forget that particular night as she remembers on a regular basis the fact that her mind controls her body and not vice versa. Therefore meaning that positive thoughts keep you positive.

Her recovery was almost completed when she finally decided that she was becoming a YouTuber. She had a new determination of becoming someone’s reason to smile, of making someone’s day better and stopping someone from approaching depression. With these optimistic thoughts she began her YouTube channel. This not only made others happy, it kept her busy too which was a great way to prevent relapse. She has achieved a bachelor’s degree in psychology too but she  felt that becoming a YouTuber was a great choice and indeed it was, with millions of people leaving messages for her on YouTube, twitter, Facebook and Instagram about how she had made them smile or ‘saved them’. She had ultimately began doing the thing she loved. Lilly now proves to be an inspiration for the present generation.

Lilly has now successfully achieved her dreams. This newly achieved fame has given her a chance to meet other great personalities too, like Singer Ariana Grande, Bollywood actor shahrukh khan, Singer Ed Sheeran, and many others including her childhood obsession The Rock who she still loves dearly. Singh has done a world tour already named ‘A Trip To Unicorn Island’ which included places like, United States, Canada, Dubai, India, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. She has also featured in the movie Dr. Cabbie, with Kunal Nayyar. She has recorded multiple songs of her own like, ‘IVIVI’ in collaboration with Humble the poet, She also released ‘#LEH’ in a collaboration with Humble the poet, ‘The clean up anthem’ in collaboration with Sick Kick and she has also performed a rap in the Hindi song, ‘Mauj ki Malharein’ which is featured in the Bollywood movie, ‘Gulaab Gang’. She also has her own online store, ‘Unicorn Island’. She has a popular series of videos with the YouTube channel ‘I love makeup’ too.

Lilly has befriended many other youtubers and featured in many of their videos too. She has a ‘vlogging’ channel with the name ‘SuperwomanVlogs’. She has won 2 awards and has been nominated in 5 categories earlier. She also has meaningful tattoos on both of her wrists in Punjabi script, on one it is Nirbhau which means ‘Without fear’ and Nirvair on the other which means ‘Without hate’.

Clearly Lilly Singh’s story is an inspirational one, one which should be spread out and told to everyone who needs motivation to go ahead in life. The story of IISuperwomanII tells us not to give up on our dreams, whether you want to be a singer, a dancer or a superstar rapper and actor, it tells us to not let our negative thoughts preside over our minds.

Way to go Superwoman, we need more people like you to guide our youth. Finishing this article with the same words Lilly finishes her videos, ‘One love superwoman that’s a wrap and zoop!’

Written by CelebMix