International Music Artist Usman Ashraf Shares How He Grew Out of His Struggles

Professional musicians focus primarily on their musical objectives and take steps to attain them. Non-professional musicians consider what they do not wish to occur to them. Rather than focusing on their goals, they concentrate on what they should avoid. They desire to be found by an A&R rep and believe that the only way to do it is to strike it rich or make the appropriate connections in the music industry. The two mindsets described above are vastly different. The goal-oriented attitude motivates you to do what you need to do, learn what you need to know, and develop whatever you need to build to achieve your objectives, but the negative mindset keeps you moving forward.

With such a goal-oriented and positive mindset, Usman Ashraf reached the heights of the music world through his outstanding music. He struggled his way up in the industry with perseverance, tenacity, and solid determination to never give up on his dreams. He spent all his childhood learning and playing new music, leaving every other activity behind and putting all his energies into his music. In middle school, he realized the essence of other relevant skills, such as stage performance, chorus, and much more. He invested in these skills, and by the end of high school, he was so sure that he wanted to pursue music as a career. 

Usman had always believed in himself and thought that dreaming big had no adverse consequences. Setting huge objectives is beneficial since it motivates you to work hard to accomplish them. However, dreaming big becomes a problem when one begins to overlook life’s tiny victories and rewards. This method might make a musician dissatisfied with their work and, as a result, demotivate them to improve their performance. Usman’s life story teaches us to aspire for whatever we want while also remembering to take the measures to help us progress.

Written by Monella