International Women’s Day – How To Get Involved

When one talks of Women’s Day, the topic of feminism and women centric issues are often brought up.  In the midst of concentrating on women, one must not forget that many men are also playing an important role in making the world a more fair place for women. It seems that gender equality is necessary to begin moving forward as a world that values all humans as equals.  There are a number of ways to get involved in making the world a better place. Some of them are listed below.

1. Pledging for Parity

A stepping stone to achieve Parity would be to make a pledge for it. Men and Women both need to make a pledge in order to reduce women inequality, workplace harrasement, gender inequality and the likes.  Social Media is an important place to make and spread such an important message.

2. Develop a #PledgeForParity Campaign

A campaign is essential in upholding your cause, spreading awareness, and gathering more people to support you in your cause. Thus, developing a campaign over various platforms in the Social Media would help attract more people and provide a firm ground to the cause you support.

3. Host an Event

Meeting people personally always has an advantage as it becomes easier to put across ones emotions and point of view face to face than over social media.  A selfie/groupfie station can be put up at your event which would enable people who support the campaign to actually take their photos and add them to social media, promoting togetherness. Furthermore, some prominent speakers can be invited to talk at the event. The topics must be carefully chosen and there must be scope of interaction with people to gauge their mindset and opinions.

Now that what can be done has been outlined, the question can be asked is why it necessary?  Women constitute half of mankind and they must be empowerd to the same level as men. In fact, if women are empowered then global productivity would increase, there would be international gender equality in all spheres, and women and men would share equal rights in the society.  We can only truly succeed if women are seen and respected as equals. To establish this, parity is important.

Thus, #PledgeForParity should be taken up seriously and promoted to improve conditions for women. Let us all take the #PledgeForParity on this International Women’s Day and make the world a safer and equal place for women.

Written by CelebMix