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Interview: Alex Mali Talks Recording and Creating First EP “Sweet & Sour”

Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter Alex Mali is one of our favorite “ones-to-watch” artists at the moment! Without a doubt about it.

With her smooth and genre-bending assortment of R&B hits, Alex has already proven herself in the past to be worth more than just one listen. She has undermined this by having just independently released her debut EP, titled “Sweet & Sour”. The record showcases in six delightful chapters Alex’s incredible strength in crafting strongly written and produced songs.

After having been featured on the Netflix film “Afterparty” as well as the global Sprite #GetVocal campaign, Alex Mali is currently on her best way to surely make it big.

We were therefore very happy when we had the amazing opportunity to talk with Alex all about “Sweet & Sour”: the inspirations behind it, the process as well as her favorite moment of her career so far. Read our little interview down below.

Also be sure to listen to her debut EP right here:


Hey, Alex! Congrats on the new release! How does it feel to have just debuted your first EP?

Thank you! It feels like a weight lifted off of my broad shoulders.

In 3 words, how would you describe “Sweet & Sour” to our readers?

Music fur’every Mood. Does that count? 

Sure, let’s go with that one. Tell us a little bit more about your EP: how did you come up with the concept of “Sweet & Sour” and how does it translate into the songs?

I actually didn’t build the music around the concept, the music became the concept. So honestly, the project really took shape on it’s own.

What was the process like of creating and recording these songs?

It was like writing in a diary. I’ve never been the type to be super vulnerable and usually I’m the one dishing out advice for others. It was like extending my own shoulder to cry on and it took a lot of soul searching to develop these ideas and form characters to authentically tell these stories in the form of song.

Do you have any favorites on your EP and why?

I don’t have a favorite, or I should say that they are all my favorites. I thought long and hard trying to figure out which song I loved the most– And honestly, I leaned towards Crazy Eyes for so long. But now when I step back and look at the project as a whole, it’s difficult for me to say which I like more because they all evoke a different emotion out of me. So how can I truly compare when each emotion stands on its own?

What were your main inspirations for the EP?

Life. Love. Self-Awareness and Growth.

What was the hardest thing about creating “Sweet & Sour”?

Letting it go.

What was the most fun thing about creating “Sweet & Sour”?

Creating it.

You had a placement in the Netflix movie “Afterparty”, the Sprite’s #GetVocal campaign and more. What is -in your own eyes- your biggest accomplishment so far and what is one of your goals?

The biggest accomplishment I’ve had so far is seeing the growth of my fan-base. That might not be the typical answer and I’m not saying I haven’t had some awesome-ass moments like those mentioned, but, honestly, seeing more and more people react to my music fills my heart and it makes me feel like I’m actually doing something. And that in itself is an accomplishment.

The color greens means to me…

It means Alex Mali. Green Queen in this bih juu, heard?? (laughs) No, but seriously, it just felt like me. I can’t really attach a meaning to it because it’s more of a feeling.

What can we expect next from you?

Definitely touring, some huge shows, festivals. Well I can’t give all my plans away, you’ll just have to tune in.

What are you personally looking forward to most for the rest of 2019?

I’m looking forward to seeing what this journey has in store for me and in the meantime I’ll be cooking up some more music.

We are looking forward to it.

Alex has also recently debuted the visuals for her track “Start It Up”. The video was directed by Omni. Shot at Alex’ neighborhood park, the video follows a young couple as they question whether their love is worth pursuing. Watch the video right here:

Be sure to check out Alex Mali’s debut EP “Sweet & Sour”, available on all streaming platforms, as well as the video to her single “Start It Up” on YouTube.

Also be sure to follow Alex on her socials @MainlyMali to stay up-to-date with all of her latest ventures.

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