INTERVIEW: American Young

American Young are a country music duo who have just released their self titled debut album.

The group, made up of celebrated songwriters Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone, admit they are polar opposites but when they come together to make music, they make magic.

Ahead of their live shows in the UK this month, we caught up with Kristy and Jon for a chat about the new album, making music videos and what they have planned for the rest of the year.

You’ve just released your self titled debut album ‘American Young’ how does it feel now that it’s out?

Jon: It feels amazing it’s been a long time coming. We sunk our heart and souls into this one.

Who and what were your influences when making this record?

Jon: I’m influenced by everything from Mozart to The Beatles. I think it’s been a culmination of everything we’ve learned in the studio and everything I’ve done as a songwriter.

Tell us about some of your favourite memories whilst working on the album?

Jon: Really everything. I love playing the guitar on the record, working with the band, working with Lee and obviously working with Kristy.

Kristy: The writing of ‘Point of View’.  We were at the point of needing therapy and went away together for a weekend and just started dialoging through the songwriting, and I felt the pure honest love and magic of songwriting when it’s just the two humans in a room together making music.

Is there any one song in particular which you feel you’re most proud of/excited for people to hear?

Jon: I really think the song ‘Be Here’ says a lot, it’s a great place to start the record and it’s got a great message.

Kristy: Personally I’m proud of God ‘Sends A Train’.  It’s the story of my mom healing after getting hit by a train.  We witnessed so many miracles during that time and it made me constantly inspired by fearless and courageous women who stand in their truth.

You’ve written a lot for other artists, how does the creative process differ when writing your own music?

Jon: It really doesn’t. I think great songs find a place and they find an artist that they should live with.

Kristy: Personally I’m a flow girl.  I think music is divine breath and it comes from the inside out.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever consciously written a song for another artist.  I just write my feelings, or listen to the other person in the room and then the rest is up to the universe.  If another person wants to share in the feeling or idea I’m always about that.

Your new video for ‘Be Here’ is simply stunning, how much fun was it to make? 

Jon: So incredibly fun. Anytime you get to go down to Key West and experience the magic in the spirit down there is a good day.

Rolling Stone premiered the single, that must have been so exciting?

Jon: So exciting.

Kristy: Really humbling.  It’s one of those crazy things that we both have never expected after this long in our careers, to be gifted the opportunities to have an artist platform with a record label and the amazing team we have. But yes. Extremely exciting. 

You’ve got a strong presence on social media, which is your favourite platform to connect with fans? (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Jon: I really enjoyed Twitter.

Kristy: I use Instagram like my personal scrap book. I love it for all my memories.  And I’m just getting into Snapchat.  My favourite is obviously YouTube.  It’s where I find all new music.

You work so hard and you’re clearly very passionate about your career, what’s fun for you outside of music? 

Jon: Outside of music? I didn’t know there was anything outside of music ha ha ha.

Kristy: I practice a lot of yoga and I love riding horses and snow skiing!! I also like to Kayak and wake surf. 

Which artists are you listening to and enjoying at the moment?

Jon: I really wish I had more time to listen to music honestly. I seem to be so engulfed in anything I’m doing.

KristyI’m obsessing over this Jon Bellion record right now.

INTERVIEW: American Young 1

You’re heading over to the UK soon to play some shows, what can fans expect when they see you live?

Jon: It’s always a great time. You’re going to get a lot of honesty, a lot of romance, just a really great show!! Come and find out…

Kristy: Hopefully inspired by the music.  We really try and do a specifically unique experience every time we play live.

Tell us about what you’ve got planned for the rest of 2016?

Jon: We’re really focused on supporting this record and making sure that it gets it’s just dues and gets to the fans. And in the meantime starting our next record.

Kristy: We are heading to Boulder Colorado to play the Triple A Conference, then the UK, then New York, then gearing up for the rest of our US promotion for the album.

American Young’s debut album is out now!!

Catch them live in the UK this month:
Sunday, August 14th – Nashville Meets London, Canary Wharf
Tuesday, August 16th – Castle Hotel, Manchester

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Written by Philip Logan

Twitter & IG: @philip_logan