Interview | AYLØ Shares Highly Anticipated Mixtape, ‘dnt’dlt’

Alté rising star, AYLØ, has just dropped his third body of work – a fresh, 10-track-mixtape, dnt’dlt.

The mixtape showcases AYLØ’s alluring voice, with the first track enticing us with his perfect mixture of singing and rapping to a woman playing on his mind:

“I think you piqued my interest, sometimes I catch me thinking, I sleep alone just waiting, for you”.

dnt’dlt includes the immensely talented musician’s recent release, Paris, which offers a tranquil percussion beat, courtesy of Le Mav and Odunsi The Engine, who co-produced the track.

Paris has already garnered support from Beats 1, Earmilk, The FADER, and many others.

Sassy is another track that fans won’t be unfamiliar with.

The Psycho YP and Fasina-assisted song is a feel-good, upbeat track that again, offers a different experience from the previous tune.

AYLØ demonstrates his multi-talented gift on the dynamic tracks, Pretty Mama!, xozhu, and IMWTWOTF.

His favourite track (if he had to choose), Indo Smkn, reveals AYLØ’s sexy side as well as the featuring musician, MOJO.

The whole project proves worthy as a follow-up to critically acclaimed 2017 album, Insert Project Name.

The rapper, singer and beatsmith, gives us a new found love of the alté movement and community, offering his unique sound and various emotions through tracks such as, City on Lights!

AYLØ touches on death, love, sexuality, sensuality and romance, as well as all the trials he has been through, with assists from Fasina, PsychoYP, MyQuale, Sugarbana, and Cheso.

Taking influence from hip-hop, soul, jazz and more, the seminal Nigerian creative proves why he is currently making waves internationally and disrupting the music scene.

We got the chance to chat to AYLØ about his new mixtape, his top three artists he wants to collaborate with and all we need to know about the alté sound!


Hi AYLØ. Tell us about your brand-new mixtape, dnt’dlt.

Dnt’Dlt is a homecoming for self-confidence. It’s a journey that details everything that could occur in the process of finding yourself or establishing your beliefs. It’s a soundtrack for those who feel lost and misunderstood. It’s celebration of all the emotions you feel when you decide; letting you know it’s your journey. Believe in yourself and your ideas; don’t ignore the meaning of a journey, it will have highs and lows. So, don’t let anything on this path take anything from you and don’t let experiences make you anything but convinced in who you are and what you are meant to do. dnt’dlt yourself, your purpose and your vision; keep your light.

You have 10 tracks on the mixtape. Were there any tracks that didn’t make the cut?

I have an amazing team around me that buy into what I try to put out as an artist. We had a few round table conversations and cut some songs out; I’m happy with how it turned out. It paints a clearer story. I hope when you listen, you go on the journey with me and recognise some of what I’m saying and realise we all bleed red.

Each track on the mixtape has its own sound. Why do you think it’s important to make your music distinctive?

No one has the same DNA as another person. If everything is energy, then those laws are universal – meaning that each experience has its own energy. I said earlier about the highs and lows, every story has its own sound but if you think about it, there’s only about 12 notes in music. I guess every song may have its own sound. Just because the energy that drove that song might be different, they are all pieces to a puzzle within a wider experience.

If you had to pick, what song is your favourite?

Indo Smokn.

How would you describe alté music and the uniqueness it brings to your sound?

Alté music is what happens when influences collide. There’s so much access now that people are more open to wider streams of thought or consciousness. Perspectives are shared all the time; art is consumed and things evolve, people evolve. Alté is that… It’s all those things you live as a Nigerian first and foremost, but as a human next; dotted with all the nuances of other energy sources you might come across.

What was it like for your track, Paris, to garner major support?

To be honest, it hasn’t registered fully. I’m grateful, I’m honoured and I feel blessed.

You have a forthcoming track called, Sassy. What are some struggles you face when writing and producing your own songs?

Yeah, Sassy I’m really excited about as a single! Soon as Eke sent the beat, I kinda’ had this idea of what I wanted to record on it. I dropped my bit on the song, reached out to Fasina and PsychoYP – my bros – and the rest of it is history …as they say.  I’ve worked really hard on defining myself as an artist and on myself as well; so, for me, usually it’s space. I work in solitude haha. I don’t see anybody for months and try to protect myself and the energy around what I’m building.

If you need inspiration, who or what would you say you go to?

For me, it works slightly different. I’ve learnt that things work for me or they don’t; I can never force things. My music is drawn from things I know, people around me or lessons I’ve learnt. So, if I try and it’s not working out, then I know to just let it be.

If you had to choose three artists/producers to work with right now, who would it be?

Burna Boy – I think we’d make some waves.
Pharrell – His ear for sound.
Dj Dahi – He’s sick too.

Can we expect to see you at any events this year?

Hopefully! My team are working behind the scenes on some cool stuff; I can say I am excited.

2020 is approaching quickly! What do you want to achieve by then?

Keep developing as an artist, and keep learning and unlearning as a man. I want to be able to get a house for my mum and dad.

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