Interview With Celebrity Make-Up Artist MUA For Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop Whitney Coss

Make Up and the art that is Make Up has taken over the world by storm. Not to say that Make Up is anything new but the Make Up artist is now looked at as almost more creative as the artists they work on. In late September I was able to catch up with Celebrity Make Up Artist Whitney Coss,I had a conversation with her and her manager about everything from her favorite hip hop songs to her favorite clients to work with. She gave an insight on how she began to get involved in Make Up,and some advice for aspiring Make Up Artists as well!

Below you’ll find the conversation we had:

Celebrity Make Up Artist Whitney Coss


Siete F. -What is a day in the life of Whitney Coss like?

Whitney Coss – I usually start my day by calling my manager and going over my schedule for the day and to do lists. If I don’t have any clients on that given day I usually have a couple of meetings lined up about future events and potential projects. Otherwise, I’m researching up and coming trends in beauty and fashion.

S.F. -How did your career begin in the world of beauty?

WC – I was working with this urban model quite frequently and she invited me to a hair and makeup show with her. While I was there I met the glam coordinator for Love And Hip Hop NY who really liked my work. We exchanged information and I started on the show a week or two after that. Naturally, I made a lot of contacts and built my network and client list and it was all uphill from there.

S.F. -When did you know you wanted to choose this as your career path ?

WC – It all started with some red lipstick and mascara that I stole from my mothers vanity when I was a little girl. I loved how I looked in it and the rest is history. Ha ha. I’ve always been artistic but I remember this one time my art teacher in high school had us create a self portrait of ourselves and everyone was having a hard time with it. I’ve never done it before but for some reason it just came naturally to me. I never wore makeup to school only on the weekends and to special events but I gave myself a makeup look when I was working on the art project and it was so much fun and I did so well – from then on I couldn’t stop blending colors together on faces.


The Source Magazine BTS Street Shoot

S.F. -What prep work do you do before meeting with a client?

WC – I usually like to see photos of my clients with and without makeup to understand my canvas. I also like to ask them to send me looks that they prefer so that I understand their personal style as well. Thats usually the very first step – after that I make sure my kit is clean and organized and then its showtime.

S.F.-What makeup trends do you think readers should try for the fall?

WC – This Fall its all about a flawless and glowing face so make sure you’re taking good care of your skin.. also, lots of highlighting and contouring! Bold lips are big this fall and lots of lashes! You can forget about the eyeliner but make sure you’re filling in those brows!


Karmaloop Photo Shoot featuring Lisa Ann

S.F. -As you have worked throughout your career,who has been your most favorite person to work with?

WC – Lisa Ann has definitely been my favorite client thus far! Lisa Ann is a famous porn star and she was my first porn star client so that was a new experience for me. I thought it was awesome how empowering she is and successful but also how sweet, easy going and professional she was with me. She wasnt a diva or too “Hollywood” as I like to say. We had a great time working together.

S.F. -Yea,I definitely know who Lisa Ann is hahaha,So the hiphop culture has some of the most influential styles including everything from fashion,hair,makeup,music,etc how do you work within your own style to mesh well with certain hiphop clients and their own looks?

WC – I look at makeup as an art form and my clients are my canvas – I’m very aware and intuitive about whats next in the beauty world and what people are going to like. My clients usually come to me for my professional advice and trust it so meshing my style and theirs is a no brainer.


Cyn Santana


S.F. -How would you describe your personal brand? What can fans of your work look forward to at the end of 2015 and what’s coming in 2016?

WC – My personal brand is where colorful, fun, and spontaneous meet mysterious and edgy. I absolutely love color – hello! my hair is purple – but there’s also a side of me that’s really dark. I think I do a good job at displaying that in my wardrobe and makeup/hair looks.

I’m at the point in my career where I’m taking things to the next level. For the end of 2015 I’ll be releasing some highly requested video make-up tutorials and early on in 2016 I’ll have some really exciting news for all of my makeup lovers about some exclusive product launches. I’m also very excited about my hands on makeup classes that are being revamped this Fall!

Cyn Santana

S.F. -You have built your business and repertoire from the ground up,and you have been really successful. What advice can you give young men and women that aspire to follow in your steps?

WC -The best advice that I can give anyone that wants to make it in this industry is first and foremost to believe in your talent – believe in yourself. Practice, practice, practice and make sure you’re putting in the work! Be very selective to surround yourself around people that are better than you and can help you accomplish your goals. When you’re ready to – quit your day job but don’t do it without making sure you’re financially ready for it! Save your money and go for it! Follow your dreams.

S.F. -Who are your favorite artists to listen to in hiphop right now? and why ?

WC – I’m really only listening to three artists right now – Future, Drake & Skepta. I love Future’s voice & the production/beats of his music.. Drake, well he’s just amazing. I’ve been a fan since I heard “Best I Ever Had”. Skepta is a grime artist from the UK. He’s just bad ass. I love to dance and a lot of his music is very gritty/uptempo. Its so different. I love it.

Keep up with MUA Whitney as her career progresses and find out who she’s working with next. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Twitter.com/Whitneycoss Instagram.com/LipStickQueenx

Check out her online Portfolio here- Whitney Coss Portfolio

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