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Interview: Danny Mac talks Strictly Come Dancing

Why are you taking part in Strictly this year?

I really, really wanted to try something new, try something different and everybody has told me how much fun it is. 2016 has been a bit of an odd year across the board for everyone and I thought you know what; I’m going to grab it by the glitter balls and go for it! Since I made the decision every single thing that I’ve heard from everyone about it has been so positive and it’s just made me more and more excited.

What are you looking for in a dance partner?

Someone who can literally drag me round a dance floor and can communicate telepathically to let me know what it is I’ve got to do next because I will not remember – I’ve got the memory of a goldfish! That comes from TV – it used to be really good but after doing TV you can learn everything you need to learn for that 5 minutes and then that’s it. It’s going to be tough retaining everything so if my dance partner can boss me about and let me know the score and drill me that would be great because I need it!

What will be your biggest challenge?

I think it will be the execution. I’m hoping I’ll pick it up but I’m so, so pernickety and I care so much about everything I do it’s almost too much that I will over think everything. If a finger needs to be over there I will think only about that and not about what steps I need to be doing and I’m rubbish at spinning plates – I try to with everything but it’s just going to come at me like a tsunami. I’ll want to retain everything and do everything as best as I can. So I think that’s going to be my biggest challenge.

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Written by CelebMix