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Interview: DJ Le Youth Makes a Comeback with Brand New Track, ‘Selfish’

Emerging DJ and producer, Le Youth, has made an epic comeback with his brand new single, ‘Selfish’.

The new release features Samama and is a fresh electro-pop inspired anthem set to be a huge hit, adding to his list of achievements.

The track’s thumping melody is mixed with soft and somewhat distant vocals.

‘Selfish’ is the follow-up single to his 2018 hit, ‘Stay’, which featured vocalist, Karen Harding.

Le Youth – aka Wes James – shot to fame after his 2013 hit, ‘C O O L’, climbed the charts on Radio 1s A-List.

ColeCo, Lane 8 and Henry Krinkle also did the official reworks for the track which brilliantly samples Cassie’s, ‘Me & U’.

Le Youth also saw Spotify chart success with his single, ‘Clap Your Hands’, featuring singer, Ava Max, and went on to top Spotify’s US Viral Chart.

We got the chance to chat to Le Youth about his new single, the best thing about being a DJ, and his future plans.

Hey Le Youth. For those who haven’t heard of you yet, how would you describe you and your music? 

I’ll take a stab at describing myself. I’m a Los Angelino. I was born and raised in middle America near Detroit. Music has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. For the first half of my life, I was a drummer, in and out of bands, till I moved into my first apartment where I obviously couldn’t play drums. That’s when I got into electronic music. It’s funny to think if I hadn’t moved into a space where I couldn’t be loud, how different my life would be now. As far as describing Le Youth’s music, I keep it simple; it’s dance music.

Tell us all about your latest single, ‘Selfish’.

When I was making ‘Selfish’, I really wanted to do something different than my previous tracks. My musical taste has been changing recently. I’ve been getting into more hardware and analog synthesizers, and this track is the result of that. Stepping away from the computer and getting in front of my Moog or my Juno unlocks a different part of my musical brain. I neglected that for a long time. I’m still learning. Singing is the incredibly talented Samama. 

What would you say is the best and worst/hardest part of DJing and producing? 

DJing and Producing are so wildly different. I can’t say anything bad about producing. Making music is my lifeblood. The best part about making music is getting to use that form of communication with people around the world. I think of DJing as the reward. It’s a way to get away from the creation process and have some fun. Like a paid vacation. Sometimes the traveling can get to me, but I never complain; I’m living my dream.

Can we expect more collaborations this year? 

Yes of course. Part of the creative process for Le Youth, is collaborating with other artists. 

If you could pick one artist to collaborate with, who would you pick? 

This is literally the toughest question. There are so many talented artists I’d love to work with. It’s been sorta a dream of mine to work with Ellie Goulding, I have a lot respect for her and her musical taste. We’d do something cool, I’m sure. 

Was it always DJing or did you have other aspirations growing up? 

DJing was never one of my aspirations, I sorta fell into this. I thought I would be in a band or something. I didn’t even enjoy DJing when I started. Now, I love it. 

Finally, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

That’s a good question. If I was still doing this 5 years from now I’d be really happy and feel so lucky.

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