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Interview | Isaiah Dreads on Favourite Body of Work, “NO EGO”

Rising rap star, Isaiah Dreads, has proved versatility in his sound and authenticity with recent EP, NO EGO.

The six-track project showcases the emerging artists lyrical ability, as well as consistent love and appreciation for his friends and family.

Released in September this year, Isaiah has shown his constant work ethic with his hard-hitting bars and ingenious word play which sit effortlessly on snappy beats.

The Dorset-born rapper worked with long-term collaborators Eyez and Lily McKenzie, and producers Zdot and Krunchie, on the heated EP.

Previously released singles, I DONT WANNA and 2AM, have already garnered support from huge names in the music industry.

NO EGO is an exceptional follow up to his 2018 EP, Back to the Future – where Isaiah fused various genres – grime, rap and hip-hop – into one project.

Despite having a brand new EP out now, the MC continues releasing bangers, take fresh freestyle, Oochie Wally, sampling fellow rapper, Nas.

Isaiah is currently one of the UK’s finest young talents and with definite longevity under his belt, his creativity and remaining true to himself will guarantee more success.

We got the chance to chat to Isaiah Dreads about his recent EP, how it differs from previous bodies of work, and why he hopes to work with Kanye West in the future.

Hey Isaiah! What have you been up to?

I’ve been writing a lot of new music like always, but also filming new videos for my new music which has been fun. It feels like my work rate is really high right now and I only want it to increase.

Tell us about your brand new EP NO EGO.

NO EGO is actually my favourite project I have made so far. It feels really personal to me but very fresh at the same time, I don’t think it sounds like a lot of music coming out right now and I’m happy about that. The concept of the title was based around the idea that I didn’t want to present EGO like I maybe have on previous projects. I wanted to be honest & reflective.

My favourite track on the EP is most definitely Get Some …though I Don’t Wanna is a close second! What would you say is your favourite track?

My favourite track actually changes from day to day because they all mean something different to me, but right now CLOUDS is my favourite. GET SOME is too because I feel like it’s a real mood lifter.

You said this EP was your favourite body of work. How do you think it differs from your last one, Back to the Future?

This EP is my favourite body of work because it’s very personal and honest to myself. I think the EP is quite mellow compared to Back to the Future, which is sick because I want my music to be like moments in people’s lives. Back to the Future could be played in environments NO EGO might not be able to be played in, because of the feel of the songs; its completely different. It all depends what mood people are in, I guess.

What was it like working with Lily McKenzie and Eyez on the EP?

It’s always sick working with Lily & Eyez. They were both featured on separate tracks on my South West EP so it’s cool that we all did something together this time round. The track came together so easily in the studio as well. 2AM has been getting a really good reaction and we all recently filmed the video for the song too, so that will be coming real soon!

When creating NO EGO, were there any tracks that didn’t make the cut?

There’s always tracks which don’t make the cut when I make projects, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be used in the future, so it’s all good. 2AM was actually meant to be on Back to the Future funnily enough.

Although you’re only 21, you’ve proved your versatility and authenticity already! Was rap always the plan or did you grow up with different aspirations?

Rap has always been the plan since I was nine. I couldn’t imagine doing something other than music or at least something creative. I did act when I was younger, that’s something I’d happily do again at some point.

Who did you aspire to be like or look up to as a youngster?

Chip, Lil Wayne, Ghetts, Kano, Kanye, Bob Marley and Anthony Keidis. Musicians from any/every genre really. I grew up listening to a lot of different types of music.

Is there anything or anyone specific you go to when you need a bit of inspiration or motivation?

I don’t really force it; I work best that way. There’s local places in Dorset I go to when I need to clear my head, but apart from that, I’m usually pretty motivated. I see so much talent every day, it’s hard not to be.

If you had to choose three artists who you rate at the minute, who would you choose?

Miraa May, Jevon, Young Adz. I think their styles are all so sick and unique, I listen to all of those three regularly.

If you could collaborate with anybody of your choice, who would it be?

If it was anybody, I’d pick Kanye [West]. His albums have inspired me countless times since I was really young. Even on a production side, he’s produced some of my favourite rap albums.

Can fans expect any gigs in the upcoming months?

Hopefully in 2020! I love performing so I want to bring something special next time I do.

Finally, with 2020 almost here, where do you see yourself next year?

More music, more videos. Hopefully some great things will happen as I’ve been working super hard! Really looking forward to the next year for sure.

NO EGO track list:


2AM ft. Eyez & Lily McKenzie

INFO (Prod. by Zdot & Krunchie)


GET SOME ft. Jarrad Laville (Prod. by Zdot & Krunchie)


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