Interview: Jebroer on his musical journey and recent collaborations

We had a chance to chat with Tim Timman known as Jebroer, a rapper, producer and music sensation from the Nederlands. We asked him about his musical journey, collaboration with Timmy Trumpet, switching between genres, and how does it feel to top the worldwide charts.

Thanks for speaking to us today Jebroer! Please introduce yourself to our audience. 

My name is Jebroer! I’m a 35 years young artist from Holland releasing music in Dutch, German and English. Now I have over 300 Million streams worldwide and I have been making music for over 10 years and have performed over 1,000 live shows. I have played a number of big festivals like Tomorrowland, Flying Dutch, Electrisize and more with my own style and genre – I have been mixing styles since I figured out what could work together. You can’t really put me in a box, so I  created my own lane!

Tell us about your music and what you make.

I’m a vocalist and at the moment I mix my raps / hooks with dance related music, mostly the harder styles, but I’m always looking for the next move that I can blow you away with! From artwork to videos, I love the full package and for me everything has to be on point. 

You started off in the hip-hop scene, right? Is this what fuelled your love of MC’ing?

Yes for sure! When I was more into the hip-hop scene I was looking for a way to make a difference. I started to make electronic hip-hop with an influence of dance in it, lots of bleeps and different BPM’s, working with lot of people who represent different styles to mix it up to something special. 

And what drove you into the electronic, and more prominently, harder styles of this music?

I love to perform and go crazy on stage. The ‘Hiphop’ scene in Holland was getting more and more into bubbling / reggaeton influenced music – that was nothing for me. I’m just a whiteboy with no rhythm! In my music I was always playing around with harder styles so it was a little step to go fully hard dance and now I’m here; doing saltos in the audience and start moshpits!

What is it, for you, that drives you to write the vocals you do? Where do you find your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from the vibe of the music, it takes me to a level where i can think about what I can do with the audiance when I’m going to perform it live. I visualize the video when i make a song, I think about the promo and how I’m going to release this when I make it. 

You’ve collaborated with some amazing names including Timmy Trumpet and icons like Scooter, tell us about those releases and what makes the perfect collaborator for you?

Scooter connected with me to make a remix of my song ‘Me gabber’. I jumped on the plane and did an international remake of the song called ‘My Gabber’, we then shot the video in Amsterdam and Tokyo. Scooter missed the plane to Amsterdam and jumped in a jet to shoot it, crazy! With Timmy, he was playing my songs in his sets and so I reacted on his Instagram stories. He loved the German ‘Kind eines teufels’, so we did a international remake. It feels awesome and cool to work with big names like them. 

Your new single ‘Bad Boy’ is a departure from the harsher sounds you’re known for – how did the shift in sound come about and how did the relationship with Eva Simons (vocalist) come to be?

Yes it is! I made a demo and wanted a female vocalist to set it off. I was looking worldwide but it was difficult to get a good feature. Then I thought ‘ Ohyes we got Eva!’ I’ve known Eva for a long time, her old manager is my best friend and business partner – I love to work with her and she did an excellent job. She’s 5 months pregnant now so it was special she still could be on the shoot on this amazing video. 

You’ve performed on some of the biggest festival stages including Slam’s Kingsday in the Netherlands and of course, Defqon! What makes performing live so special for you?

This is everything for me. Onstage I forget all my shit and enjoy the energy of the people. We all share this moment together and make unforgettable memories. 

And, finally, what is next in the world of Jebroer?

I have a release with Yellowclaw and a big American rapper who I can’t announce yet… I can’t wait to share!

Written by Magdalena

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