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Interview | Keedah & Ganjy Chat About Latest Track, ‘Pretending’

Upcoming female duo, Keedah & Ganjy, have been pushing boundaries with their effortless blend of rap and vocals, and continue to prosper with their latest tune, Pretending.

The bouncy track is all about the go-getter lifestyle and if you have dreams, work hard and grab them with both hands.

The pair from Hackney, London worked with producer Jay Brown on the track and wanted to call out the people who ‘talk the talk’ but don’t ‘walk the walk’.

Representing the next wave of talent from the UK, the rising duo have a unique vibe that, without a doubt, inspires young females hoping to make it in the rap scene.

Considering how tough it may be to be a female in this line of music, Keedah and Ganjy have been co-signed by the likes of grime royalty, Skepta and JME.

The hotshot double act have garnered support with other bubbling releases, Stepping Out and Personal.

With Pretending reaping support from Spotify and being added to the ‘Urban Vibes’ playlist, we can only expect how popular their anticipated EP will be – set to drop at the end of the year.

We caught up with Keedah and Ganjy to chat about the new release, past aspirations and being women in the rap scene!


Hey girls! Tell us about your latest track, Pretending.

Our latest single, Pretending – produced by Jay Brown – is a fresh, jumpy vibe, expressing the need for authenticity and concentration on your own journey. We wanted to point out the time wasters and the different ways they present themselves to blend in with people who are actually doing hard work.

How did you two meet?

We met through a mutual friend, then we both lived in the same area.

Was it always music for you both or did you have other aspiration?

It was always music however we both also had a passion for football.

So, what is it like being cosigned by Skepta & JME?

It was an amazing feeling and a dream come true as we’ve both grown up listening to and watching them!

If you could pick three artists to work with right now, who would you choose and why?

WSTRN – as a group they’re very creative and have various flows and melodies
Jorja Smith – unique energy and meaningful music
Koffee – like us, she is a young female representing our culture in a fresh way

Is it harder to be a woman in the rap scene?

It’s harder to be acknowledged and respected however it’s not hard to be creative musically as like everyone else, we’re simply telling our story.

Who or what do you girls go for for inspiration when needed?

We listen to people who contribute to our craft and go to those who continue to show that they believe in us.

Can we expect a tour this year?

No, not this year but maybe next year hopefully!

2020 is almost here! Is there anything you would both like to achieve?

We hope to have our EP completed and out by the end of the year.

Check out Keedah & Ganjy’s latest release, Pretending and let us know your thoughts over on Twitter @CelebMix!

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