INTERVIEW: Kelsey Coleman Talks About Her New Single, “Break Mine”

New Jersey based pop singer/songwriter, Kelsey Coleman, just released a music video for her latest single, “Break Mine.” Intense but eloquently simple, the video for it is a perfect match for her lyrically uninhibited song. With lyrics like “Cause every time I try / I get numb inside I don’t wanna fight,” and “Every time we talk feel some kinda way / I don’t wanna lose you I don’t wanna stay,” the black and white video expresses the moody, confessional, and heartfelt pop vibe of the track.

This isn’t the first time Kelsey was honest in her music either. For past projects, she has raised consciousness about mental health issues, swung back at bullies, and stood up for herself in a world that challenges the autonomy of young women.

We caught up with Kelsey to discuss “Break Mine”, touring, mental health, and more.

What inspired you to follow your dreams and start making music?

KELSEY: I’ve always loved music more than anything. It speaks to me in a different way. Once I wrote my first song I never turned back. 

Your songs are so honest. What inspired you to write “Break Mine”?

KELSEY: I was in a relationship that I couldn’t handle anymore due to my own mental state. But I’ve never broken up with someone and it cut me to the core. I didn’t want to cause pain to someone I loved and that’s why I wrote break mine. 

What’s your favorite lyric from the track and why?

KELSEY: Say you don’t love me, Say you don’t need me , Cause I can’t break your heart , So break mine.” The chorus says it all… It’s a different twist on a broken heart song. In “Break Mine,” I suggest that I don’t want to break ‘your heart, so break mine instead. 

How do you hope people feel after listening to “Break Mine”?

KELSEY: I hope people can find solace in needing to put themself over someone else even though it can be painful. 

On prior projects you raised consciousness about mental health. What advice do you have for anyone battling mental health issues?

KELSEY: I know it sounds cliché, but tell someone what you’re going through who can help. Talk to a psychiatrist and some medicines can be helpful as well. 

Do you hope to tour soon when touring is allowed again?

KELSEY: Yes definitely. One of my dreams is to be out on the road playing music for people. I’ve got both my vaccinations and I’m hopeful for the future and that things will safely open up again… We’ll see.

Who would be your dream musician/band to tour with?

KELSEY: One of my favorite bands, All Time Low, but I’m going to have to start writing some more rock/pop punk records! But seriously, touring with Halsey would be a perfect match up!

Aside from touring, do you have any other future plans for 2021?

KELSEY: I’m definitely going to be releasing more music this year! We’ll be releasing more singles and videos soon!

What do you think you would be doing as a career if you weren’t singing and writing songs? 

KELSEY: I would probably be working on a farm somewhere, riding and taking care of my horse.

We can’t wait to see what else Kelsey releases this year! Be sure to stay updated on her socials (which can be found below) so you don’t miss any new announcements.

Till then, check out the music video for “Break Mine”:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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