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EXCLUSIVE: Leah Kate Chats New Single “Bad Idea”

It’s definitely not a “Bad Idea” to listen to this new song on repeat now!

LA-raised and based artist Leah Kate is back as she makes her musical comeback with a groovy, 80s-tinged banger titled “Bad Idea”.

Following her EP “Impulse” and after landing placements on TV shows such as “The Bold Type” or “The Hills: New Beginnings”, this brand new release continues the artist’s streak of crafting extremely catchy tunes.

Leah Kate’s new track lyrically deals with her struggles of pursuing a forbidden love. “Could we keep this a secret, that nobody needs to hear/ Cos I know that you’re a bad idea”, the singer asks during the synth-laden chorus. Paired with a glossy production, Leah provides us with the perfect, dreamy fantasy escape from reality that is very much needed during these times.

Listen to the track right here; it’s not a bad idea, we promise:

We had the wonderful chance to ask Leah Kate some of our most burning questions about the new release, her art and more in a small interview. Be sure to check it out down below.

How are you and where are you currently “quarantining”?

I’m great – at home with my family in Los Angeles. 

Congratulations on the release, it’s such a good song! How does it feel to release music during these times?

Thank you! It feels absolutely amazing. I just hope I can bring some people joy during this time.

“bad idea” is a bit more electronic than your previous releases: What were some of the inspirations behind it, musically and lyrically?

I had a few 80s references and even Tame Impala was a musical reference as well. The song definitely has more of a funky retro edge to it. Lyrically I’ve just been more honest and more in touch with myself which I think reflects in the songs.

How long did it take for the song to fully come together and how was the process behind it?

Kind of a while because we wrote it on a Saturday on the very last day before lock down began and still had finishing touches to add. We ended up doing it all remotely and I recorded the vocals here at home. But as much as it may have been slowed down because of everything, it was definitely worth the wait! 

Speaking in general: how do you usually go about when crafting a new record?

Usually I will have an idea or a story of what I’m going to write about but typically I start with my melody ideas! 

You recently relocated from New York back to LA for your career: why did you feel the time was right and how did this step influence your creative process?

To be honest, my lease went up and I had been feeling a bit lonely there and as if I didn’t have as much of a purpose. All of the music collaborating I do is in LA or London and I felt it was time to be based here mainly for those reasons. I had my fun in NYC, don’t get me wrong, those were the best 4 years of my life but I missed my family and wanted to focus on writing to the fullest. 

You quit your corporate job in order to follow your dream of becoming a musician: what made you decide that this was the right thing to do and what have you learned in the transitioning process?

To be honest, I got fired for doing something super dumb but it was such a blessing in disguise. It was always on the side for me and just a way to support living in NYC. They didn’t love that being a musician was obviously my full time career. The week I got fired from that job it was my first time landing New Music Friday on Spotify and the start of many, very packed shows. It was all meant to be and looking back, I’m grateful to have been fired.

Are you allowed to tell us whether any more music is coming out soon?

Yes! Multiple singles!

What are your best ideas for keeping your mental health in place during corona?

Exercise! I try to do an hour walk a day as well as some type of online workout. Also, staying busy really helps during this time like reading, online courses, cooking, breathing, etc.

What is your biggest goal for this year?

To hit 10 million streams on a song!

Thank you so much for the interview!

“bad idea” was independently released by Leah Kate yesterday. It was written by herself, Louis Schoorl and Hayley Gene Penner.

The song is now available to purchase and stream on the digital retailer and platform of your choice. Find yours by clicking here.

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