Interview with Life On Marbs’ Jordan Sargeant

If you’re a fan of ITVBE’s Life On Marbs, then you will recognise Jordan for being the confident and feisty girl she was on the show. Since then, Jordan has gone through a weight loss and has been working on some pretty exciting things. So, what better time for us to have a catch up with her.

So people will know you from being part of the hit ITVBE show, ‘Life On Marbs’. How was the show for you?
I loved filming for Life on Marbs. I made some life long friends and met the love of my life and had a great time in the process!

I can imagine that filming for the show was fun, but did you have a highlight of the show?
The highlight for me has to be meeting Josh, who I am still with now! We had such a laugh and still joke about the awkward meeting now!! It was also having so much fun with my best friend Alex!

You moved to Marbella to work as the head of sales at Marbella Rocks Magazine, could you tell us a bit about what work was like?
Working for the magazine was amazing I loved it, every day was different. One day we were interviewing a top DJ and one day we were hosting the anniversary party. I am now at the amazing Golden Tarts salon working as a Salon Coordinator!

Being from Essex originally, was the move to Marbella hard? Or was it something that you’d always wanted to do?
I’ve always come to Marbella on holiday and loved it here so, to be honest, it was home from home. I will NEVER go back to rainy England without a tantrum and someone dragging me!

A lot of girls look up to you because of your recent weight loss, you look incredible by the way! Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to loose weight? Or any favourite exercises?
I’ve always been up and down in weight but I am determined to get my weight back off now, I’m exercising and walking to work every day! Eating healthy is key and meal prep is amazing.

Your hair and makeup always looks flawless, do you have any beauty secrets you’d like to share?
Thank you! I use all of the NIP+FAB products, I love them I’m obsessed! Plus working in a salon I always have someone to count on to make me over.

Obviously since being on Life In Marbs, your life has been in the public eye. How did you deal with being in the public eye and knowing that loads of young girls look up to you?
Having your life in the public eye is hard, you get people that either like you or hate you. Having a relationship in the public eye is also hard as you get girls trying to bring you down and trying to sell stories! To anyone that looks up to me, I  just want to say you need to be yourself as that is the main thing, and believe in yourself!

You seem like a very confident person. Confidence is often lacking in today’s society so it’s great to see someone with such a huge amount of confidence! Do you have any confidence tips for anyone reading this who may slightly lack confidence?
You just to be happy within yourself and it will shine through!

So, we’ve spoken a bit about the incredible past few years, but the big question is what can we expect from you for the rest of this year?
I have a few exciting things coming up so stay tuned!!!!

Would you ever consider going into another reality TV show?
Maybe .. but I would need an extra large vodka and some anxiety tablets!!!


It was lovely speaking to Jordan, and we all wish her the best for her future plans, we can’t wait to see what she has in store!

Written by gabbyfabrizio

20 years of age, always writing, attending gigs, or drinking coffee.