EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Top Live.Me User Sammie Firth

Live.Me is quickly growing in popularity each day. However, if you are unfamiliar with it, Live.Me is a social media application that allows users to broadcast live to the world. As well as create their own livestreams, users can also comment on other users’ videos, and follow their favorite broadcasters. So many celebrities are already using the app, such as Connor Franta, Gregg Sulkin, Perez Hilton, and so many more. Just like other sites, Live.Me has even generated its own celebrities of its own, and one of them is Sammie Firth, who is known as “SammieFreakingFirth” on Live.Me.

Sammie first used Live.Me as a fun way to pass time, but as she uploaded more videos, her number of followers rose. She currently has over 358K fans and gets thousands of views for each broadcast. CelebMix recently asked Sammie some questions about her status on the Live.Me site, and any advice she would give to new users.

Tell us a little about yourself!

To begin with a little bit about myself. I’m 20 years old, from Sydney, Australia currently living in Chicago, Illinois. Back at home, I am a Childcare/Preschool teacher and have been for about 3 years. I have an older brother 24 and dad who I live with back at home, we lost my mum to unexpected illness in April 2014 which completely changed my life of course. This loss made my family closer then ever my dad and brother are honestly everything to me. After 3 years of doing the same things week after week I wanted to try something different and see the world a little bit, see what else was out there. So I decided to move to the states to be a live-in childcare worker/ au pair. This way I was able to see a bit of America while travelling a little. Moving was one of the most challenging and scary decisions I have ever made, I have always been very reliant and dependent on my family. I needed to do this for myself to grow and become independent, to know I can look after myself. I now work with an amazing family and look after/ teach 3 little boys, have been here for 6 months now. When I first moved over I had no friends obviously because I moved here alone so I initially looked at apps like tinder etc. to find some people to get to know and show me around.

When did you first start broadcasting on Live.Me?

I was scrolling my Facebook feed and came across a video of someone on Live.me crying of happiness and I was curious. So I downloaded the app and literally started streaming straight away not knowing what on earth I was doing. At first It was a boredom thing I would do to pass time, then it started to get really fun. I ended up attending an event in DC called playlist live where everything changed. I ended up meeting all the ‘Big’ broadcasters at this event who shouted me out like crazy as I became friends with them. I went from 100 fans to 30k in a matter of 3 weeks. After I returned home from DC to Illinois I went from 30k fans to were I am now with 200k in about 4 months to were I got verified. I am now were I am at in just 6 months.

What do you think makes Live.Me stand out from other applications?

Live.me stands out incredibly from other streaming/broadcasting applications. I have tried other apps similar but never stayed on longer then a day and haven’t touched them again. None offer what live.me can. From quality, to gift animations, being able to connect other social medias, sharing photos, communicating with each other. You can literally do just about anything on this app. It has become so much more then just a broadcasting application. I have been able to inspire thousands of people from all different parts of the world just by clicking a button and sitting In the comfort of my home. I can now honestly say that I have friends in nearly every state of America from all different cultures. I have learnt so much from the people I have met on this app its insane. On what other app are you able to meet people who are just like you and have the exact same interests. I never would have met some of my bestfriends now if it wasn’t for this app.

How does it feel to be one of Live.Me’s top users?

To be one of the top users on the app is honestly mind blowing to me. It still hasn’t really sunk in yet. I never started this app to be were I am today on. I just wanted to meet new people. But it has happened and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It is very exhausting and hard at times, with fans comes ‘haters’ as well. However, the bad will always be outweighed by the good. I have received countless direct messages and emails from young kids and there parents saying I have changed their outlook on life and inspired/motivated them in so many different ways. That’s something I never dreamed of being able to do. As a preschool teacher I have always tried to do this for my class but now that I can do it for a larger age group it is incredible.  My live.me fan base is my second family and this app is so much more then an app. This may sound cheesy but it is more of a lifestyle. I wake up and the first thing I do is check my live.me and before I go to sleep I do the same.

What advice would you give to other Live.Me users who also want to make it big?

I am not a singer, dancer, actress etc. I am just a normal 20 year old girl who believed in herself enough to do something incredible, someone who people can relate to. Anyone can do what I have done. I have been nothing but honest and myself this entire journey and the best advice I can give to anyone wanted to make it big in the broadcasting world is to; Be yourself, no one is like you. A lot of people think copying what their favorite broadcaster does will help them achieve their goals. It won’t as there is already a one of them. Be original and show them who you are. Be honest and let your fans inspire you.

Who are some of your favorite broadcasters on the app?

JonathanEiter was one of the first broadcasters I ever watched, he noticed me when I was a level 3 with 200 fans and he told me when I met him that I could do what he does. His broadcasts are full of conversation and positivity, as apposed to the usual “coin drop” and the ‘send me gifts’ streams. Some other favorites of mine are TheRealKatherine , UncleLuke, ShawnMc, MyFutureLover, Nat, Phil, DavidMcvey, JoshfromLm these are just a few but the content these broadcasters provide are inspiring and entertaining.

Why should our CelebMix readers download the app?

It truly is an incredible app, and is growing like crazy. The best part about it is anyone can do it and anyone can become the next big thing. It’s not about what ranking, level you are or how many fans, diamonds you have it’s about meeting and inspiring people who are just like you. We are a huge family/ community on the app. I’m honored and proud to be a part of it.

Thank you so much to Sammie for taking the time to answer some questions!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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