INTERVIEW: Meet Hungary’s Pioneer, Freddie

Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári aka Freddie is the singer who represented Hungary in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with his grandiose song “Pioneer” and his unique, recognisable, enjoyable and powerful voice.

However, the encouraging melody wasn’t his first single. “Mary Joe”, which the singer released in 2015, quickly became a massive hit in his motherland. “Mary Joe” led Hungarian charts for a while, and it was the first Hungarian single that could make it to the first place in the Top 40 since 2011.

Now Freddie has four singles “Mary Joe”, “Neked nem kell”, “Pioneer” and “Na jó, hello”. Two are in English, and two are in his mother language, but it’s fair to say that they all work.

The 26-year-old is also well-known in his home country for finishing 4th in Rising Star, the local version of the Eurovision in 2015.

It was only the beginning since Freddie won another competition the next year, “A Dal”, which led him to giving his memorable performance in Sweden, where he, unfortunately, didn’t achieve the expected results, finishing 19th.

Still, since then this man was lucky enough to perform at huge festivals like VOLT or SZIGET, and now he’s touring around Hungary, moreover, working on his very first album, which is coming very soon.

Even though Freddie’s dream is getting more real from day to day, he has stayed true to himself, still being a modest and humble man, who will surely win the heart of Europe.

He’s got big plans for the future, and we can’t wait to hear about what’s next.

Get to know Freddie with our interview, in which he talks about singing, his upcoming album and much more!

How would you introduce yourself to those who don’t know you?

“My name is Freddie, and I am a singer-songwriter born in Gyor, Hungary, but now living in the Capital, doing what I love the most.”

Regarding your career, we can state that 2016 has been your most successful year. What are you proudest of?

“I am proud of our team, thinking alike, we share ambition and motivation… I am proud of where we are at the moment regarding the short time.”

You became a sensation in Hungary almost immediately. How did that feel?

“I never really thought about it. It is not why I am doing this; the love of the audience and their openness to who I am is what makes me want to do this. It is an amazing feeling being able to give yourself all the way to the audience in total comfort, knowing they are living their lives according to similar values.”

People say that the best Hungarian performance in Eurovision has been yours so far. Do you agree with this?

“Who am I to decide? We love this song, and the audience feels the same about it. It feels good that so many people fell in love with it. One thing is for sure; probably this track is the best song ranked 19. At least I think so…”

Have you always wanted to be a singer?

“I would never have thought I would end up being a singer, but I always loved music…”

Who supported you in the contest?

“Friends and family helped me through all the way. I needed them very much.”

If you want to improve you also have to heed the advice of more experienced artists. Whose opinion was the most important to you?

“You do not set up such priorities. I took into consideration every artists advice who clearly knew much more about all the stuff I just had gotten into.”

How do you deal with negative critiques?

“If they are fair and reasonable I accept them and start working on them. If they are personal, they do not get at me.”

“Na jó, hello” was the first song which you also helped to write. What was it like actually to write the song?

“I have many more songs, though the first one that has been published was truly “Na jó, hello”. It is always great to give a shred of yourself.”

We heard that you admire James Arthur. Would you also label him as your idol?

“The guy is a genius, with excellent pitch and impeccable control of his voice. Damn, right, he is an idol for me.”

Earlier, we caught a few comments on Twitter, saying you’re totally like Zayn Malik. Is this new for you?

“To tell you the truth that was the first I got this, and I really don’t see much similarities, well, maybe our blond curls.”

You are currently busy giving performances around Hungary, but you’re also working on your debut album, which you are going to release in late November. Can you tell us anything about the project?

“I can’t stand waiting for the debut album. We are all are just super excited, and we hope that our audience feels the same as well. I love the tracks, but you gotta come and listen to them yourself to share your thoughts about it that is the decisive one.”

Do you plan to release more English songs?

“Definitely. We keep on writing songs in both languages.”

May you didn’t write “Pioneer” but we can say that you sing it with passion. Is the message of the song something you want to spread with the world?

“Of course, I may not be the author, but I cooperated in every way possible. I knew the subject I was wanting to sing about and knew the vibe I wanted the song to represent. Z and Bori did an outstanding job.”

In this case, do you think you’re a pioneer?

“I am in every way and every aspect.”

What’s next for you?

“Playing music, mending hearts and souls with it…”

Thank you very much to the versatile Freddie for his time!

If you became a fan – which we know that you did, make sure to vote and help Freddie to win at the Comet Awards, where he is nominated in two categories, Best Male Artist and Best Song for “Pioneer”.

You can vote here, and don’t forget to follow Freddie on Twitter at @Freddie_HUN or check him out on Facebook!

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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