Stealth Drops 'Bury Me'

Interview: Stealth, Drops Emotive New Track, ‘Bury Me’

Rising singer-songwriter, Stealth, has just dropped his emotive new track, ‘Bury Me’.

The new, soulful ballad is based on ego, anxiety and the need to be liked.

Stealth’s vocals mesh perfectly with the melodic piano chords and powerful horns; he revealed:

“’Bury Me’ is a song about my need to be constantly liked by everyone. There is very little else to say about the song if I’m honest. My aim in life is for people to give a shit about me. And where is it shown if you’ve succeeded in that goal? When they lay you to rest.”

The UK soloist – also known as Shaun Smith – exploded into the spotlight when his debut EP, ‘Intro’, peaked at #2 in the UK iTunes singer/songwriter chart and #3 in the US.

His single, ‘Judgement Day’, featured on an episode of renowned TV series, Suits and has since secured over 10 million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined.

Influenced by musical legends such as Etta James and Howlin Wolf, Stealth kicked off his 2019 with the release of his single, ‘Black Heart’ – featuring funk and soul band, The Dap Kings.

Not only has he received support from platforms such as Radio 1, the BBC, Radio 2, and many more, Stealth has also supported the likes of Seinabo Sey, Jamie Woon, Nothing But Thieves, Tiggs Da Author, Vaults, Kaleo and many more.

Stealth’s latest sinlge, ‘Bury Me’, demonstrates his talents and dark tones, catapulting him further along his flourishing career.

We caught up with the vocalist to chat about his new single, ‘Bury Me’.

Hi Stealth! For those who unfortunately might not have heard of you yet, how would you describe yourself / your music? 

Soul/Blues is probably the closest description. 

Tell us about your new single, ‘Bury Me’.? 

Bury Me’ is – in my opinion – the best song I’ve ever written. It’s essentially about wanting people to like me enough to turn up at my funeral. There’s a line in the song that says: If there isn’t Standing room only, I ain’t done life right I think that encapsulates the entire message. 

The lyrics touch on feelings of anxiety and ego. Whats the message behind the lyrics? 

Essentially, I have an overwhelming need to be liked by people, I have anxiety if I feel that I’ve upset someone, and at times go out of my way and make myself look like a fool in order to be liked, (usually resulting in the opposite happening) and its all to feed my ego. Its tiring, and quite debilitating at times.  

Do you base your songs on personal experience? 

There is a part of me or what I’ve experienced in every song, however sometimes there is a bit of poetic license.  

Whats the best/worst part of song-writing? 

Releasing it into the wild. Then you are truly exposed, and all those emotions and feelings are out in the world for people to see.  

We know your debut EP, Intro’, peaked at #2 in the UK iTunes singer/songwriter chart and #3 in the US. Did you expect that reaction? 

Not at all, I never expect anything. I was over the moon with the reaction got. However, the charting and stuff didn’t affect at how proud I am of that body of work. If it went out and had 1 stream, would still be proud of it. 

Your music is very bluesy. Who do you go to for inspiration? 

Everything and anything. Musically, I love old school tunes but sometimes I can find a theme from a rapper or a lyric from a friend. I’m always on the look-out. 

Youve supported a lot of renowned names! What’s the best thing about performing in front of a crowd? 

Seeing people enjoy the stuff youve created. Actually, physically seeing them sing, dance, cry anything that’s a special feeling. To see something you’ve made and do move someone. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2019? 

Release more music and try to get out and play as much to everyone who is supporting me on this journey. 

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