Interview: The Voice UK’s Brooke Scullion touches on the modern day ‘stalker’ ex in her debut single, “Attention”

2020 was the year UK pop artist Brooke Scullion reached the semi-final of a national talent show only for it to be stalled by a global pandemic… “I mean no one could have prepared for the March of 2020,” Brooke Scullion expresses to CelebMix at the top of our chat about her debut single.

March 2020 is also the the month Brooke turned 21. “Aside from all the shared negatives that came from quarantine, I ended up learning a lot about myself as a person and about the artist that I want to become,” she continues. Brooke Scullion is strong in 2020 and 2021’s next big thing for her.

At the moment, things are definitely getting harder for Brooke as it feels like when we move two steps forward, we end up taking five more steps back when new restrictions are introduced across the world in their respective locations. “I suppose the only thing that is keeping me going is the thought of my new single ‘Attention’”, Brooks reassures herself, “the idea of performing on The Voice UK stage in the semi final”, is also at the top of her mind.

Brooke Scullion’s “Attention” is about the modern day ‘stalker’ ex that we all know and resent within ourselves, and her single also takes into account observations of her friends’ experiences as well as her very own experiences to create this self empowerment ‘banger’.

“I actually had two different songs in mind before i decided to go with ‘Attention’,” Brooke reveals to CelebMix, “over lock down i had so much time to focus on and think about what creative direction i wanted to go in as an artist and this aided my creative journey through to the completion of the song.”

“This song represents more than Brooke ever could have dreamed of for her first single. I am so proud of everyone involved, especially because we did everything virtually.”

Brooke Scullion on the creation of her debut single, “Attention”.

“The creative process started with a lot of zoom calls with Karl Zine”, Brooke continues, “seeing what direction we were looking to go with and through this we got to create a friendship which made things a lot easier.” Production was all completed in London whilst Brooke recorded the vocals in the StartTogether Music studios in Belfast, Ireland. Alternative pop duo RIINGS and LLEO played a huge role in the song and Brook looks forward to more collaborations with them both.

“We all fall in love and we all know how it feels to fall out of love,” Brooke emphasises on how much of her own life played in the creation of the single, “or rather be kicked out of it before we’re ready.” Essentially Brooke wanted a song that every gender can relate to no matter what.

Brooke wanted to create ‘Attention’ to show the kind of artist that she is. “People don’t really know that this is the music that i want to create,” Brooke whole-heartedly admits to CelebMix. “‘Attention’ is what i see to be the beginning of my career. ‘Attention’ is the break up anthem of the year.”

Next up Brooke is working on her performance for the semi-final’s of The Voice, as she wants it to be the biggest and most important performance of her life so far. “While lockdown has made the wait for the semi final that bit longer,” she continues, “it has only made me hungrier and i feel as though i am more than ready to compete for my place in the final.”

Brooke Scullion’s ‘Attention’ is now available to stream on all major digital streaming platforms.

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