Introducing: Faulkner

Faulkner first emerged in 2013. They are often referred to as “bi-coastal” rockers due to being based in California but with members hailing from the East Coast, specifically New York: Lucas Asher (vocals, guitar), Eric Scullin (vocals, multi-instrumentalist), Dimitri Farougias (bass), and Christian Hogan (drums).

Their rise to fame started after posting an unfinished demo of their song “NY Anthem” landed in the hands of RZA, Wu-Tang Clan’s mastermind. The said producer, co-wrote and produced the mixtape single. It then premiered on ESPN “Draft Academy”. Asher wrote “NY Anthem” during the years when he was living in the streets of New York city.

This Californian quartet just released their EP “Revanchist” last month, March 5th through Street Invasion Records. It has been produced by influential names such as Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons), and J.P. Bowersock (Julian Casablancas, Ryan Adams, The Strokes).

So far, the 6 track album has already gained attention with the group’s single “These Kids Nowadays” and their viral video for “Revolutionary” which has already earned more than 2.3 MILLION views, it is also the first single off the EP to receive the music video treatment.

“These Kids Nowadays”, on the other hand, may not have been made into a music video but it still caught the attention of music lovers. It has been included in’s “11 Best New Songs of the Week” during the third week of March.

The Album & Tracks

Revanchist” is a rock album with just the right amount of indie. It starts off with their hit single: “These Kids Nowadays”, a track that offers the perfect introduction to an equally amazing album. It ends with a thrilling bang with “NY Anthem” like a cherry on top of a scrumptious sundae.

These Kids Nowadays

Out of the 6 great tracks in the album, the first one is our absolute favorite. It doesn’t just have a very attention-catching beat and rhythm, it also has this message that is perfect for the youth. “We’re the honesty that you’re afraid of” and “we’re the voice of change” carry such an important message about how today’s generation can do so much to change the world but there are times when they cannot be controlled since they have this mindset that they are free, that society does not have the right to change and cage them.

When asked about the background of the song, Dimitri Douglas told that: “These Kids Nowadays” is the first song we worked on together and recorded. Sort of like our “first born” it signaled the beginning of a very big family. We knew right then we had something special we had to hold on to and keep working on. It has one of the most recognizable melodies out of all of our songs, a great synth hook and lyrically it hits you hard right out the gate with “Someone’s naked no one is listening”.

Waters Are a Rising

Described by as a “retributive anthem“, it gives off a vibe that is similar to when you’re in battle and your side is about to lose but then you take out your secret weapon and you eradicate your opponent. It really does live up to its “anthemic” feel. It has this “war-like” feel that could make its way to the soundtrack of a movie about a civil war. “Traitors can run/cowards can hide“.


“Revolutionary” follows the line-up of the songs perfectly. With the chorus being “I’ll start a revolution”, it still gives off a “war-like” vibe that the previous track has offered. However, this one has a more climactic feel to it compared to “Waters Are a Rising” that only built up the tension without the “bang”. It has a constant piano background that could be heard throughout the song that only adds to the “revolutionary” feel of the song.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

The first three tracks have lived up to the EP title “Revanchist” which means “a person who advocated a policy of revanche/revenge”. “Keep Your Enemies Close” maintains the “revanchist” vibe seamlessly. It gives off that message that, in a war, strategy is key. If winning would require you to be in close ties with your enemies, so be it. It is still very revolutionary, with the constant yet thrilling beat. However, it does fade off in the end that gives you the feeling that the end is near which is sad because if we had a choice, we want this album to go on forever!

All I Wear is Black

As the EP comes to end, the energy mellows down a bit. It’s like the calm before the storm. While listening to “All I Wear is Black”, we envision a dark sky that looks like it’s about to pour rain any minute, with lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. The rhythm and beat of the song makes it seem like you’re in the middle of a “boss fight” in a video game and you’re about to hit the fatal blow to the enemy. It gives off a sense of superiority to the listener.

NY Anthem

The final song in the EP is legendary. It is the only track in the album to be co-written and produced by RZA. As previously mentioned, it is a song written by vocalist Lucas Asher while he was in the streets of New York City. However, it does not describe the perils of the city. Instead, it narrates the amazement and wonder of NYC. “Go to New York/New York/And take over the world“. As described by   , it is “a soaring ode to the concrete jungle”. The song actually became the home-field opener for the New York Yankees.


Overall, “Revanchist” is a great EP album that has this constant vibe like you’re in the middle of a war, either with yourself and your inner mind or with someone else. It’s great since there are times when some artists lose the main theme that their album is supposed to have. Faulkner deserves an award for being able to create an album with a main theme without making the songs sound the same.

We can’t wait to hear more from these bi-coastal rockers! If you want to know more about them, visit their official website:

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