Introducing: “FEARS”, the prolific Camdenites

Prolific Camdenites FEARS have recently revealed their chilling new single “THE SQUEEZE” and the equally thrilling music video to go with it.

The song itself is very punk rock. It delivers vivacious rock ‘n’ roll with a fuzzed up, serrated edge. It sees the band making a raucous statement full of revitalized distorted energy. It’s the kind of song that gives you that refreshing feel in a way different from those bubblegum pop songs that we usually hear. It’s also that kind of song that will make you think about tough-looking motor bikers cruising the road with their awesome bikes.

One would think that the music video for this single will be what was mentioned: motor bikers. But it’s actually way cooler. The music video features FEARS’ frontman, Jonny Fears, in an abandoned warehouse being tortured by Lock Stock gangsters.

Originally hailing from Middlesbrough, Jonny Fears threw off the small-town shackles a few years ago and made Camden his new home alongside childhood friend and FEARS guitarist Ric Gingell. Now joined by Nick Bavin (Bass) and Matt Dean (Drums), the quartet have built up a rabid following in the capital.

The started 2016 with a monthly residency at The Monarch, Camden, comprising three consecutive sold-out headline shows full of their rabid Camden following. Aside from that they have just announced two headline Camden shows to celebrate the release of ‘The Squeeze’. The first sees the band take on The Black Heart on May 4th, then a week later they’ll lay waste to Proud Galleries on May 13th.

The full list of shows could be found on their website: We Are FEARS.

Exuding the sounds of Camden’s rich rock history FEARS are a vital, pulsating heart within its nightlife. Their punchy leather clad attitude is bound to kick start parties across the city and beyond this year.

Behind the scenes of THE SQUEEZE (source: official band website)


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