Introducing: Rob Green

Rob Green is a singer-songwriter from Nottingham, UK who dropped his debut album on iTunes on Thursday and it is breathtaking.

Rob is an artist who has been performing locally in his hometown of Nottingham and is becoming increasingly recognised by the public. Rob has won awards for his music such as Nottingham’s “Young Creative Award” in 2012 which is an award given to people within the age group 13-24 for their achievement in the creative arts, such as music.

The young musician says on his website that his music was heavily influenced by the music that his parents would listen to as he was growing up. His mum would listen to jazz, soul and R&B music and his dad would listen to indie, rock and folk.

Rob recently spoke to GayTimes Magazine in an interview about his music and he was asked which artists have influenced his new album and Rob gave a mention to artists such as India Arie, Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke.

My sound is massively influenced by jazz and soul artists like India Arie, Sam Cooke and Nat King Cole.

Rob often gives a sneak peek into his life by posting on Instagram frequently, and he has a brilliant sense of humour which he shows through his photos and videos.


Rob also has a blog section on his website where he talks about his music, influences and the hardships of making music and his blog entries are great to read through, it’s so nice to see an upcoming artist so humble and honest about his experiences starting out in the music industry.

Rob dives into a jazz duet rendition of “No Scrubs” and it shows how diverse and brilliant Rob’s voice is, he shows of his natural talent and this video makes it look like Rob didn’t even have to put in much effort to sound as good as he does, take a look at the video below:


You can follow Rob on Twitter @RobGreenMusic or find him on Instagram and have a look at his website here or if you prefer Facebook you’ll find Rob there too!

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Written by CelebMix