Introducing: The Tide

The Tide is a band that originate from Los Angeles, California and were formed in 2015. The band consits of Levi Jones, Austin Corini, Nate Parker and Drew Dirksen. The group focus on pop but are inspired by bands such as All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer, Ed Sheeran , Shawn Mendes and many more.

They were the supporting act for The Vamps World Tour 2015 alongside many other great artists and are signed to The Vamps own record label ‘ EMI Universal’. They were formed when The Vamps announced their secret project late last year when they held auditions for a USA guitarist and drummer aged 15–17 to form a band that would be announced in early 2015.

Since then the band has been posting covers of popular songs such as Stitches by Shawn Mendes and She Looks so Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer.

They then went on to write and peform their own original songs such as Falling in Love Tonight,  The Rest of Us and What You Give. Altough these songs have not been released as official songs, the boys still enjoy remixing their songs into acoustic versions. The bands own member Austin Corini mentioned that the band is extremely likely to release an EP or album in 2015.

The band have also peformed shows all over Europe, in places  such as Scotland, Spain, Italy, England, Neatherlands and even Ireland.The tour started in Glasgow, Scotland and finished in Madrid, Spain.

The Band continues to grow each week and has earned themselves over 90,000 fans!

Written by CelebMix