Is The Weeknd ready to drop another EP this week?

Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd has always been a mystery. Rarely doing interviews and dropping songs whose lyrics’ meanings are largely perplexing and dark.

On 30 March, the Starboy hitmaker released his first EP, ‘My Dear Melancholy,‘ which on release debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. The album consisted of six R&B songs with the lead single being ‘Call Out My Name‘. Abel here extensively talked of his failed relationship with Selena Gomez and the regret revolving around his break up with Bella Hadid. The Weeknd broke up with Hadid in November 2016 and started dating Selena Gomez around January of 2017, the relationship lasted for 10 months.
Abel tried deriving an emotion, not dissing his ex in the album, in which he subtly tells his audience how he stood by her while she left him. The Weeknd cancelled a few shows of his ‘Legend of the Fall’ tour, just to be there with Selena as she went through her battle with Lupus.
His fans were extremely unhappy after Selena was seen with Justin Bieber. It is said that she reconnected with Bieber shortly after her transplant. Sources tell the People’s magazine that long distance played a role in the breakup. although Selena tried to cut the distance by making an effort to tour with Abel.

What’s up with him now?

My Dear Melancholy, is The Weeknd’s first EP. And fans have already assumed that a new album is on its way.
Abel changed his Instagram bio on April 22nd, as ‘we’re alone together‘ and even captioned it on one of his Coachella posts.
Fans see it as a subliminal hint that he might be dropping another EP on 9th of May with the numbers on display saying 5 9 ’94. Which can be deciphered as 9th of May.
All this storm is after he posted a picture of a notepad in a studio setting with the words ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ written on it. He then dropped the EP on 29th/30th of March. Before dropping the album he posted this picture with the numbers on screen saying 3 31 ’94. 3 31 is probably March 31 which was the date when the Abel decided to drop the EP.
But no. At CelebMix we intend to present the freshest, and most accurate details so here are they.

On 6th of May, a post by an account named, @laleakers, was posted as a fan art of Abel’s much-speculated album.

Fans strongly believe that he would release another EP titled ‘Abel’ by early fall.
All the three EPs would eventually make up another album, which could be a follow up to ‘Trilogy’, namely ‘Trilogy II’.

The coincidence of 22nd February and 22nd April is hard to believe to be a coincidence.
Fans wish upon their stars and wait for new music from the old Abel as he keeps up with his sublimity and darkness.

Written by martinvyom