“It’s Funny How Much You Enjoy Doing Your Job When You Are Not Pressured to Do So” – Creator of Dead Talk Live, John Vizaniaris, Shares Tips for Hosting a Talk Show

It should not come as a surprise that the majority of people prefer workplaces with less or no pressure because it boosts their productivity and retention while minimizing stress. John Vizaniaris, the host of the Dead Talk Live program, makes a similar claim about how much he loves what he does. He has a reputation for expertly directing celebrity interviews that entertain the audience and the stars. 

Throughout the interviews that Vizaniaris has conducted, he shares tips that he has learned firsthand in the past three years.In one episode, for instance, he discussed the value of working without pressure after taking a three-week break, the longest he’d had in three years. He shared how it allows you to generate high-quality work and be more creative. After all, we are all humans, and humans are more than their talent, skills, knowledge, abilities, and strength. They feel stressed. They feel doubt and fear. They get distracted and frustrated. They get excited, hopeful, and inspired. It affects how they show up and what they do. 

Other than that, Vizaniaris may not have shared the tips directly, but every interview that he conducts shows that he does his homework before asking the guest to appear for a live interview. When he introduces the guests at the beginning, he is also preparing the guest for the interview. He always has a deep knowledge of his guests, which gives them motivation and trust to discuss their movies or shows in detail with him. 

Vizaniaris’s knack for engaging his guests with thought-provoking questions ensures that their conversations stay lively and stimulating. It’s clear from their natural rapport with him that they’re familiar with the show’s format, which consists of a casual Q&A discussion in front of an audience. 

There is no such thing as an unprepared interview, and Vizaniaris has repeatedly proved that. Conversing with celebrities during live streaming is difficult because anything can happen. You may say things that will upset the guest, and who knows how the guest will react? Vizaniaris always has some relevant questions to ask to avoid veering off into unrelated topics. This is why he always starts with a few icebreaker questions instead of diving directly into troubled waters. Overall, Vizaniaris established himself as one of the best live streams hosts thanks to his work on Dead Talk Live and served as an inspiration to others in the industry.  

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Written by TedFuel