It’s #InfinityDay on Twitter!

The One Direction fandom is at it again with their incredible promo skills, this time using their large fanbase to promote the band’s newly released song “Infinty” from the brand new album “Made in the A.M”. This of course, isn’t the first time the fandom has done promo work. Earlier in the year, The No Control Project was put to work to get the song released as a fan picked single and was even noticed by Louis Tomlinson who is extremely proud of all the hard work and dedication put into that one song by not only the boys but the thousands helping to make it known as well.

The way they have it set up is pretty genius actually. Whichever boy you’re associated with is assigned a job to help get this thing going. Niall stans are meant to contact radio stations in any way they can and request the song to let them know what we want to hear. Harry stans are in charge of keeping the hashtag trending all day and spamming it so it stays trending. Louis stans are to keep it playing on Spotify all day and get it to #1 worldwide. When not listening, they’re helping the Harry stans tweet. Zayn stans (who of course are included) are supposed to keep shazaming Infinity until it’s #1 and then keep going to remain in that top position. Liam stans were originally supposed to watch the music video on repeat to gain views but seeing as there is no music for it that we know of, they’ll be helping the Harry stans. As you can clearly see, the fandom has got their system down to perfection and can trend things whenever they want without fail.

There have been some pretty good tweets for #InfinityDay, almost too good not to share.


We all know what this fandom is capable of so let’s keep #InfinityDay trending and make the boys proud!

We’re taking part in #InfinityDay! Are you?

Written by CelebMix