It’s Jade’s turn in this week’s Eat With Little Mix

In this weeks Eat With Little Mix it’s Jade Thirlwall’s turn to show off her culinary skills and impress her bandmates.

Jade chooses an Arabic theme for her first course. Her hummus was a hit. Her bandmates wanted her to put in a jar and bring it to work for them. The starter, Perrie likes for it’s “sentimental side”, as it includes elements Jade’s Grandad used to make her.

Next up was a “northern tradition” of Mince beef and dumplings, a dish that bandmate Perrie, who like Jade is from up north admits to “being raised on”, the dish took her back to memories of childhood. Leigh Anne admitted her and Jesy Nelson was excited to try the dish as they’d heard so much about it.

Dessert was “Mars bar Krispy cake” which Jade was hoping to shape into the angel of the North. ( a statue in Gateshead, not Newcastle alright?)The brownies for the dessert were made from a packet after she found out Jesy had “cheated” on her turn and bought a ready-made Cheesecake.

Throughout the whole cooking process Jade is rather chilled, wearing her special customised apron( which we love) and with help to prepare the food from her work colleague and close friend Tim, who is also a professional chef. She doesn’t want the rest of the band to know. (They found out.)

Jesy’s attempt at Geordie accent as she reads the menu is hilarious. Jade’s attempt at making things “arty”, as she “loves a bit of art” is endearing. All the girls agree when reading her menu that dessert should be great as Jade is a great baker. Although the angel of the north did “fall on it’d arse” according to Jade, the entertainment was a hit, it was a classic game of bingo, something Jesy had never played. She wasn’t a fan at first but loved it.

Over all Jade’s night and food was a hit. She brought the fun factor, and they all loved it!

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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