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Jack Hess Releases New Single “Swerve on You”: Listen

Jack Hess released his first solo song since 2017, “Swerve on You,” on Friday (Dec. 14). He has steadily been making noise in the industry, after dropping his 4 song EP titled “Thought of You,” earlier this March. His sound ranges from vibrant acoustic to rosy pop. Jack has recently made many public appearances including the Elvis Duran Show. With his new song “Swerve on You,” Jack flourishes in a new direction in Pop.

The song is the story of a struggle for control in a relationship – controlling our lives and destiny.

“Swerve on You” is the story of allowing our significant other to be in the driver seat, but at times too much control creates an imbalance in the relationship causing a power struggle. This song embodies regaining the driver’s seat of our lives and swerving on those who can’t keep up in the fast lane.

Take a listen to “Swerve on You” below!

Written by Will Heffernan