Jacob Whitesides and Bea Miller collab?

You may know Bea Miller as one of the X Factor finalists, and you may know Jacob Whitesides as a Viner (he was also an X Factor contestant).

However, you probably didn’t know that they have recently posted a cover of Love Yourself, originally sung by Justin Bieber, on SoundCloud.

Whitesides himself had decided to tease us by first tweeting:

Followed by:

Along with Jacob’s follow spree, Bea decided to contribute to the cause by posting the cover of the song (without us knowing of course).


At this point we’re pretty sure everyone was freaking out and fangirling over the fact that Bea and Jacob are actually relationship goals and that they should just adopt us all.

And with that… in less than an hour #jacobandbeasoundcloud was trending!

After a couple of agonizing minutes waiting for Jacob to tweet the link, which can be found here, everyone was absolutely freaking out.

Not only did their voices fit together perfectly, it was honestly just stunning. Words can’t even describe how wonderful the cover was (you’ll just have to hear it for yourself).

If Bea and Jacob aren’t relationship goals and your favorite OTP, than I don’t know what is.

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Written by CelebMix