Jade Thirlwall blocks fans: What’s going on?

Jade Thirlwall, of Little Mix fame, blocked fans on Instagram recently, after they tagged her in some of their photos.

No one is exactly sure why but there are, of course, theories – so let’s run through some of those theories in an attempt to avoid being blocked by Miss Thirlwall.

Jade was embarrassed by the photos she way tagged in

Although it’s hard to believe that someone who looks as adorable Jade, dislikes photos of themselves, the singer apparently does. A fan took to twitter saying, “sometimes people forget Jade (and the girls) are human and might be embarrassed by things their close friends/family/partners are tagged in.” 

Jade was mad at fans for tagging her boyfriend, Jed Elliott

After the blocking took place, one fan decided to give other fans instructions on when it is appropriate to tag Jed in their photos, saying to only tag him when he’s in the photograph. Jade tweeted them shortly afterwards saying, “amen,” clearly showing her agreement with the tweet. This only angered other Mixers, who felt angry at this response and explanation. Many pointed out Jed wasn’t actually tagged in any of the photos the pop star apparently took offence to.

This leads us on to our final theory…


Despite being completely fine with the fandom ship up until now, and even publicly encouraging it, Thirlwall blocked accounts who had tagged her in any Jerrie related posts.

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me and my ??

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(Please Note: Jerrie is the ship name of Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall.)

This understandably has frustrated fans, many calling it an overreaction and unprofessional, with reports of her blocking up to 15 fans in one night. While that may not seem much compared to her 1.9m Instagram followers, it clearly left a big impression on Mixers.

Some pointed out her different attitudes on Twitter and Instagram:


While others are fed up with her attitude altogether:

Other fans took her side, feeling more sympathy than anything else:


Thirlwall isn’t the only member of Little Mix to get frustrated by Instagram tagging, both Jesy Nelson and Perrie Edwards have turned theirs off.

It is unknown why Jesy has chosen to do this, however it seems Perrie has been semi-forced to do so after some ignorant Instagram users have tagged her in photos of her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

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