Jade Thirlwall Jams To Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work From Home’ – Can We Join In Too?

Remember that one time when random people on social media voiced that Little Mix and Fifth Harmony didn’t like each other? Yeah we did too, and we have further proof against those negative nancies to prove that they actually love each other – and have always been in support each other from the VERY beginning.

Well, we just recently found a video of Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall dancing away at a night club with her friend singing along to a massive song that’s making global impact. Can you guess which one? Well, it’s none other than Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work From Home’.

We kinda wish we were there with Jade jamming away – but we’re with her in spirit. And we’re sure the girls of Fifth Harmony are as well.

Watch folks. One day (you never know), Little Mix and Fifth Harmony might actually collaborate on a single that will be number one in EVERY country. Mixers and Harmonizers coming together always consist of glorious moments.

Plus, what’s better than the two BIGGEST girl groups in the world having a little studio hangout? We support it, and are FOR it.

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.