Jake Miller and Los 5 concert review

On December 20th, 104.3 NOW presented “Home For The Holidays” featuring Jake Miller and Los 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Between the two completely different acts, we were given a show to remember.

Los 5 opened the show with a variety of different songs. Some parts of the songs were even in Spanish! The band pumped up the crowd by playing not only their own original songs such as “Mañana” and “Mexico”, but they also played a few traditional Christmas songs such as “Feliz Navidad” and “Jingle Bell Rock”. Los 5 gave off an amazing amount of energy and impressed almost everyone in the crowd. Even those who had never heard of the group before left as a fan.

After Los 5, the act everyone had been waiting for came on Jake Miller.

He started the show by singing “First Flight Home”. As he was getting to the stage, he ran up and gave everyone standing there high-fives. The polite first impression that was given off was truly foreshadowing how to rest of the night would go. After a couple songs, Miller slowed it down with just him and his guitar on stage covering Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”.

Jake Miller later talked about how his fans go through tough times, and that they tell him how his music has helped them get through it all. He introduced his song “Ghost” by sharing that it was inspired by those fans. The song and his passion while singing it gave off a feeling in the room and reminded everyone that no matter what is happening and what you think, you are never alone. We were very inspired!

During the song “Shake it” Miller chose a handful of fans to come on stage and dance. Fans fought for his attention to try and be one of the chosen ones. Later on, Miller also brought up a lucky fan during the last song “Dazed and Confused” to rap the ending with him.

Overall, this concert was better than expected and it’s safe to say that everyone left those doors impressed. Though Jake Miller is currently not on tour, you can catch Los 5 on tour in early 2016! They are announcing dates every day so make sure to keep checking back with them if you don’t see your city.

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Written by CelebMix