James Corden wants to enhance Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki’s ‘Just Hold On’

Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki’s ‘Just Hold On’ is one of the biggest hits in music. We have been absolutely raving about it for months now, but the truth is, it’s got staying power. The tune is a dance hit, hopeful anthem, and it makes listeners believe in themselves. From radio interviews to late night performances, Louis and Steve have been on a media tour for JHO and one of those stops led them to the always incredible James Corden.

Steve and Louis appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden just weeks ago and today a clip was released of a skit they did where James brought some ‘great ideas’ on how he could be incorporated into the tune and Louis and Steve were just a bit…underwhelmed.

James is a favorite amongst One Direction fans and his bond with Steve Aoki was immediate as well. This led to the aired segment being incredible as well as this clip that didn’t make the televised portion but is now a clip on YouTube.

James shows up at the studio a little late, after Steve and Louis are putting the finishing touches on JHO and realizes that the parts of the song he had ideas for…aren’t exactly what he expected. He proceeds to show the pair how cool the intro and bridge would sound with his lyrics overtop of them, with a bit of ‘talk up’ to the track. Both Steve and Louis think the tune is okay the way that it is.

After a bit of convincing, and pretending that a Nicki Minaj lyric has something to do with James Bond, Steve and Louis appear to give in. However, when James goes to record his part of the track, Steve and Louis suddenly disappear.

We know it’s early, but we are hoping to see these two return to The Late Late Show very soon.

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Written by Ashley

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