James Corden Hosts A Christmas Special

James Corden has been a long time favorite of many people; his humor, quick wit, and ability to to make any celebrity he works with comfortable makes him a joy to work with and an even bigger joy to watch.  His time so far on The Late Late Show has been an absolute treasure and we’re looking forward to what we’ll see from him in 2016!

James hosted a Christmas Special on December 17th and started off by dressing up as Santa Claus while he sang his own special version of It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year which was incredible.  He talked about how he’d be vacationing after his last work day of the year, how libations were in high desire and demand, and how this was definitely the most wonderful hour of the year!

His guests on his Christmas Special included Lily Tomlin and Seth McFarlane.

He began on March 23rd and during his special he gave a special shout out to fans for being with them on this journey so far.  Reggie interrupted him to let James know that even though they promised there would be no presents this year; he’d done something special for him.

The gift started off with 12 drummers drumming, followed by 11 pipers piping – who James said looked like they came from a Where’s Waldo convention.  Then there were 10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a’milking, 7 swans of swimming, 6 geese of laying, 5 golden rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves, and last but not least – a gift card for Home Depot.

Because there’s absolutely no reason there would be a partridge in a pear tree and there are certainly not 12 days of christmas – there’s just one…December 25th.

Next up – a special holiday carpool karaoke with James and Reggie in the vehicle.   James talks about how his favorite part of the holidays is Christmas music and when Reggie complains about not finding any, he says there just may be a radio in the vehicle and he turns it on to find a lovely Christmas tune playing!  Next, some of James’ special carpool karaoke passengers from Carrie Underwood to One Direction were shown singing Joy to the World .

It’s certainly an early Merry Christmas for us.

James ran into the crowd asking fans if they really knew their emojis.  He began showing select fans emojis on a card and he made them guess what story was being told by them.  The stories were hilarious but the guests trying to tell them happened to be even funnier.

James then interviewed Lily Tomlin and Seth McFarlane about their current and upcoming projects including Seth’s Grammy nomination!  Lily shared a funny story after she told James she was voted most popular in high school.  It turns out she told her school that she had awful burns and couldn’t show up for a week; she even went as far as to put airplane glue on her legs to help with her fabricated story!  A photo from Seth’s youth was shown where he looks just about no different than the way he looks now and they laughed about his unique outfit choice.  Lily talked about her cheerleading days and James was determined to learn a cheer that she remembered.

James, Lily, and Seth had a chat about Grandma, Lily’s upcoming film  before talking a bit about their Christmas histories.  At Seth’s house in the old days he said his family used to have a Charlie Brown style Christmas Tree that they’d recycle and decorate every year.   Seth says he’s still not sure why they did it.

To finish out The Late Late Show’s Christmas Special James took the stage and sang his heart out to a little song that asked “When Christmas is over, what then?”

We’re still on board with James being the 5th member of One Direction when they make their great comeback! 

We’ll miss getting new episodes of The Late Late Show through the holidays and are already counting down to it’s return!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.