James Corden Shows Love For Directioners on Twitter

It should come as no surprise to anyone that James Corden LOVES the boys of One Direction. He’s been a massive fan of theirs from the start. To quickly recap: He’s kissed Harry, tattooed his face on Niall’s butt, and played an intense game of dodgeball with the boys on his American talk show. However this time, Corden is directing his affection to the tremendous fans of 1D: the Directioners! Late Wednesday evening Corden tweeted this:


And the love and support for the Directioners didn’t stop there! Check out this Twitter exchange that occurred only minutes after James’ original tweet:


James has, on several occasions, been the voice of the fandom (remember the No Control questions he asked them in their last interview together?). And this time is no different. James voiced what we all feel: no matter what the 1D legacy is, 1D is actively changing lives for the better. 1D has helped us form lifelong friendships, they’ve inspired us, they’ve carried us through our darkest times, and they’ve made life a little bit easier every day by providing us an escape that we sometimes so desperately need.

So, James is right. Who cares what the history books remember? Don’t get me wrong: I think 1D will go down as one of the most influential boybands of all time. But even if they don’t, who cares? They matter to us. They matter “in the now.” If they don’t matter in history, in the “big scheme of things,” then so be it. But I for one will never forget what they mean and how they’ve change me and my life. I’m sure you won’t forget either.

In 20 years, we will be the ones that decide the legacy of 1D. We will be the ones who share their music with our children. We’ll be the ones who tell stories of the concerts we attended and the friends we made along this crazy, beautiful journey. We will be the ones who still sport our 1D t-shirts even though we’ve likely outgrown them and/or worn them so much they’ve become frayed and shapeless. We are the ones with the power and we will decide their legacy.

Be sure to thank James for his support of 1D and Directioners. It’s nice to have someone as talented, kind, and influential as him on our side.

James Corden Shows Love For Directioners on Twitter 3

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