One Direction take on Tattoos and Karaoke with James Corden

Recently fans of One Direction have been extremely vocal about their desire to see the boys asked about more than women, romance, and how they’re only a four piece now on television and during interviews.

James Corden took note of this and gave One Direction fans a truly unique experience when he welcomed Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall to his show for the second time this year!

The boys were brought to the set alongside James’ other guest for the evening, Billy Crystal.  James, Billy, and Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry talked about their hectic schedule, their impending hiatus – in which Billy laughed in response saying he was on a break too but that simply meant people weren’t calling him for work – and how They also shared small talk about how Billy’s granddaughter met Harry and talked about how kind he was – something that’s said frequently about those who get the privilege of spending even a small amount of time with him.

Liam spoke about when he dabbled in a bit of karaoke during some of their down time earlier this year in which he sang Ordinary People by John Legend and the guy running karaoke in the Applebee’s Restaurant told him he had a great voice.

Are we the only ones tempted to go apply at various Applebee’s locations in hopes of being the one running the karaoke if Liam stops in?  No?  Good!

Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry gave fans another good laugh when it was brought up that Daniel Craig said if he decides not to do another James Bond film, Niall should take his spot!  Niall explained that it was part of an interview where they were asked about their hiatus and Niall made a statement about being James Bond and then Daniel was asked about it as well.  The boys on stage quickly got a scene set up that allowed Niall to showcase the infamous “I’m Bond, James Bond” phrase.

Not only did Niall quickly take on a James Bond role; Louis took on the most important role of the scene – the cat of the villain (played by James Corden).  Louis quickly got into James’ lap and put up his little paws and made the entire world melt into some sort of kitten Louis obsessed puddle – which actually isn’t too far off from where some Louis fans exist on a normal day anyway!

He’s just so cute!

The reaction of the entire James Bond moment was hilarious and fans are still talking about it.  You can tell a good interviewer by the way they interact with their guests and the boys of One Direction are so extremely comfortable around James it makes the setting for very fun moments like this to come up unplanned and steal the show completely!

But the fun didn’t end there!

 In a segment leading to the most fun surprise of the night; James, Billy, and One Direction began talking about tattoos!  The boys talked about their own ink, if they regretted any of the tattoos they had, and Billy revealed a sleeve on his arm – that was quickly taken off!  Liam said he, at first, regretted the large tattoo on his left arm while Louis said some of his were a bit stupid as he tried to explain what a few of them meant.  Harry said he didn’t quite regret any of his ink but a few of them were stupid, such as when he tattooed the word ‘big’ on his own big toe.  James revealed that the lads would be playing tattoo roulette and one of them would leave the stage with a fresh new tattoo!  If any member of One Direction got the ‘tattoo’ box, they’d leave with a ‘late late’ tattoo and if James got it, he would get 1D tattooed on his body.

The best part of tattoo roulette?  Niall Horan!

Niall is the only member of One Direction without a tattoo and he was a bundle of nerves through the explanation of the game and the duration of how it played out.  Niall chose his box first which meant he was also the last to open it and reveal his tattoo fate.

Each boy before him opened their red box to reveal the word safe and each time the camera panned to Niall’s face he looked more pale.  Harry was second to last and with a smile and giggle he opened his box to reveal that he was in fact the one who would be getting a tattoo and Niall’s look of relief was absolutely flawless!

Has Niall ever looked that excited before?

So Harry got a tattoo on stage as if it were the most normal thing in the world and to close out their time on set the boys performed History.  After a final bow their segment on James Corden’s set was finished but their time with him wasn’t quite over yet.

Days after the boys were on The Late Late Show, James Corden released their carpool karaoke video – something fans had been waiting on since December 3rd.  James and The Late Late Show posted video teasers in the days leading up to the carpool karaoke release that had fans anticipating the segment anxiously! 

James calls up Niall to help him get to work quickly and soon after the rest of the lads pile in.  What Makes You Beautiful begins playing and all the boys start to sing and dance along perfectly.

The boys chat about “intense” fans – you heard it directly from them, they don’t quite enjoy being followed….big surprise… – before breaking out into song with Story of My Life.  James then does his best to get all the boys to focus and pitch together which works about as well as you’d expect – the laughs during this were great!

Best Song Ever is next and James KILLS the run in the chorus and the boys all fond over James’ shining vocal abilities.  Another note worthy part of this song?  Louis fixes his cute fringe in the rear view mirror – we’re weak for him, okay?!?!?

James brings out perfect denim shirts and choreographs a great dance for the boys during No Control. Niall and James sit in the front seat dancing and giving smoldering faces to the camera before it pans to the backseat and Liam, Harry, and Louis join in too.  They absolutely play it up for the fans which is the perfect way to make up for not giving us an official video.  In fact, most of twitter would agree that was the boys’ best music video thus far!

During a pause in their singing – Niall plays a game with James where he says he’d sleep with Tina Fey, marry Selena Gomez, and go on a cruise for a year with Demi Lovato!  Liam’s face when James mentions Selena is ace.

The boys sing Perfect before talking a bit about their break in the car and how they’ll miss touring but they’re excited to see what they accomplish during the break.

Drag Me Down is next and James shows the boys what he could bring to the band while he raps through an entire part of the song – quite well actually! We are as impressed as Louis was – if you didn’t catch it please go watch it again, Louis was LOVING it!

SO needless to say; can James Corden interview One Direction every few months when they get back from their hiatus and provide us with endless laughs, tattoos, more carpool karaoke, AND respectful fun memories with the lads?

You’re awesome James – we appreciate it more than you know!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.