James Dhillon’s Journey from Dropping out Of College to Building One of America’s Largest Business Consulting Agencies

Dropping out of college is sometimes, quite surprisingly, the key to some people’s success. From Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, a handful of very notable and hardworking people have dropped out of college to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys with resounding success. It further proves that the future is what we make of it, and if we are dedicated enough, we can make anything happen. James Dhillon is another example of this elite category of people who have built incredible companies after dropping out to pursue their dreams.

Born and raised in London, Dhillon founded one of the largest business development and consulting agencies in America. Currently, living in Canada, Dhillon is the founder of Automaters Agency, Trusted Sauce, and affiliate company Automaters where he helps companies automate their processes, making them more profitable and efficient. “Sometimes ideas can’t wait,” says Dhillon. “The future happens quickly, and I felt that college was standing in the way of what I was trying to achieve.”

Dhillon noticed that colleges were more focused on theory than the technology that businesses need right now. “I dropped out because I saw beyond the books and the lectures,” explains Dhillon. “Truth is, all we have is the time we have right now. I can always go back, but I couldn’t let the vision I had for Automaters wait while I worked to get a piece of paper.” Dhillon’s idea of work is similar to the most famous college dropouts. He believes we get what we give, and sometimes we have to go all in. 

“Dropping out is not exactly the most-popular or normal thing to do, and I get that,” says Dhillon. “I don’t regret it one bit.” Unafraid to follow his passion Dhillon took the scary next step of going straight into the real-world as an entrepreneur, influencer, and visionary. What Dhillon did was revolutionize the process of automation, giving businesses what they need more of, time. “Automaters is different because we look at automation with an organic approach,” says Dhillon. “How can we expand your business and automate your processes in ways that promote growth and scale? That’s what we do.”

A visionary in every sense of the word, Dhillon has built one of America’s largest consulting companies through dedication, hard work, and a sense of urgency that fueled him to drop out of college to make it happen. “I think dropping out made me even hungrier,” says Dhillon. “There was no back-up plan, no safety net. I had to make it happen, and I did.” What Dhillon has learned on his journey is that you should never put your dreams on hold. Not even for college.

Written by CelebMix