James Grant Management Lists Louis Tomlinson as Client

2016 has been a busy year for the members of One Direction so far, and it seems to have shown no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.  Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall are definitely on a touring/album making hiatus where One Direction is concerned, but they’re wisely using this time to take part in some creative expression of their own accord.

For Louis, a lot of his break has been spent making new connections through different parts of the entertainment industry as he’s traveled all over mixing business with some pleasure.  He’s worked with a girl group, filmed an appearance on America’s Got Talent, spent time making important business connections, and most recently enjoyed a couple days at the Monaco Grand Prix working closely with Red Bull Racing.  On top of the work he’s been doing, he’s still spent time donating to charity and keeping in close contact to help causes that he’s dedicated himself to in the past – showing that kindness is something he’ll always pay forward.  In a grand show of this, Louis is on the pitch training for Soccer Aid, the official match will be on June 5th.  He took to Instagram earlier this morning to post a photo with a simple, but powerful, statement.

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Louis’ passion for football has always been something his fans love about him, and his excitement and pride for being part of Soccer Aid and sporting that England logo has us shouting his praises.

Another reason to shout his praises seems to have come in the form of an online profile popping up on James Grant’s Management website this morning.  The profile touches on his accomplishments with One Direction (noting their tour hiatus in 2016), his passion for soccer, and most importantly – calls him a philanthropist, thus focusing on his charitable kindness in which he’s never asked for credit.

A keen philanthropist, Louis has invested an impressive amount of time and resources into a number of worthy causes; something he is very passionate about. In addition to the charity work he has carried out with his band mates, such as involvement in projects for Sport and Comic Relief, Nordoff Robbins, Save the Children (Action/1D project), Greenpeace and Believe In Magic (a charity centred on bringing joy to seriously and terminally ill children), Louis has also thrown himself into solo contributions, including hosting an extravagant Cinderella Ball for the latter; raising a phenomenal amount for the charity while simultaneously treating all attendees to a magical fairy-tale experience. The event left such a powerful impression that David Cameron Tweeted how proud he was of Louis and the charity’s founder, Meg Bhari.

It’s nice to see Louis’ large heart be not only appreciated, but put on spotlight by a company that he’s decided to trust with part of his image and his future projects.

While no comment has been made from Louis, or any of the lads as far as new management is concerned, rumors have surfaced about Harry and Liam both having taken on solo management as well.  With Niall having solo projects in the works too, he’s assumed to have done the same.  During interviews around the time of Made In The AM’s release, the boys discussed taking on some much-needed relaxation and fun, but also doing some work on their own accord as individuals, exploring aspects of their passion and talent that they’d not yet been able to give much time to.  Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall have all worked closely on/with music in their own ways since the break started but they’ve also done things that they enjoy with sport, television, and even film for Harry – it’s exciting to see what they’ll find to like or dislike during this hiatus, for them and their fans.

For now, whatever Louis has planned, we hope he’s found a team that supports him as an individual and has his best interest in mind!  Personally, we’re having a hard time focusing on much else but Soccer Aid at the moment!

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